Presidential candidate says civiliazation = Polka, Bowling and Kielbasa

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (who?) is running for president. I think his platform consists of maintaining that civilization consists of polka, bowling and kielbasa.
Note, this is not a parody site, nor is it a site maintained to embarrass him.
This is the congressman’s very own Web page, part of his official, government-sponsored U.S. House of Representatives page. Note the dot-gov in the url.

Way to go, Denny. This has to be the smartest presidential ploy since Dukakis put on that tank helmet.

Even worse, it looks like he has misspelled kielbasa. The thought of politicians getting the spelling of food wrong makes me quail.

Yep, this man wants to be president of the yoo-nited states, folks.

I hope he reconsiders on the polka part of his platform. For one thing, it gives him a terrible record. (Hah! I’ll be here all week, folks.) If he plays the “She’s Too Fat For Me Polka,” the Straight Dope Pit Forum would literally explode.

Even though he is a fringe candidate in a foreign country election, I’ve loved this man ever since I saw the transcript of his speech, Spirit and Stardust. Clearly everyone’s favorite part has to be:


And if that’s not enough, there’s this picture. Oh yes.

Heck, considering some of the goobers that run every year, he’s ahead of the game. I’d vote for him.

What would you rather listen to in a debate, the pro life - pro choice and Seperation of Church and State, ad nauseum
or the merits of polka music whilst bowling?

The choice is clear, people.
I would vote for this guy in a heart beat, even with his new age, three hugging ommmmm-guru twaddle [ size=1]which appeals to me on so many different levels it is scary. [/size] In fact, that is far more honest and real that the Daily Politico Cliche ™ that today’s politicians regurgitate.

And as for the picture, all I can add to that is, " His sword is up."



I think this Ohio guy is sweet. It would actually be pretty cool if the democratic party could back someone like him against Bush, which will be a hard battle, with a war-time incumbant. A vegan from Ohio who loves bowling and kielbasa (maybe his veganism affected his meat-spelling skills…) is right up my alley!



:eek: :eek:
Wow. I have substantially underestimated this man’s nutjobitude.

That’s kind of an…interesting stance. I can’t say I disagree with his platform, though. I say the time is right for someone like him, pending his stance on Homeland Security.

He would certainly wear a groove in the White House lane, for sure.

So he eats meatless kielbasa, or what?

But hell, I think that if he won the Democratic nomination (fat chance), the presidential race could be the most interesting one in years. He might just be the man for the Democrats, given his “little guy fighting The Man” appeal.