presidential debates

OK, I know there’s an electoral college thread, but here’s an avenue we haven’t talked about:

What up with the debates a few days ago? I only saw part of the beginning (had to work, sigh)… but from what I saw, SOMEONE was lying. Why don’t the networks carry subtitles with actual facts?

For example:
AG: The Jones family here, middle class, would not be eligible for prescription drug coverage under Bush’s plan for 4-5years.

GW: Yes they would.

AG: No they wouldn’t.

GW: Yes they would.

So… basically either they WOULD be eligible, or they WOULDN’T… so SOMEONE is lying! Does anyone know how to read truth into political lies and muck?

Unfortunately, you have to find out the facts on your own. It takes a little more time but it is generally worth it.

Keeping my personal opinions out of this, I’d recommend going to their sites and viewing their platforms. I downloaded copies of both candidate’s tax plans a couple of weeks ago and compared them. Takes time, but lemartel is right, it’s worth it.

Sure, it makes sense to do the research like that. But let’s face it, not everyone is going to.
What a waste that the debates were going on and the viewers didn’t get the full and accurate story. It would have been a good time to simply state the truth, with text explaining which candidate was actually giving honest facts.