Pretender 2001

So the movie ‘The Pretender 2001’ aired last night (on TNT). Anybody watch it (other than me)?

It left me a little confused - I thought it was supposed to be a ‘final’ episode - wrap up the series neatly and end. However, it left more questions than it answered, and then showed an ad for another movie in the future.

I did think it was a good movie - though just a bit annoyed that it didn’t really resolve anything.

So what’s the deal here? Any thoughts?

I missed this. Is this The Pretender as in the cancelled NBC TV series that left me hanging? If so, I’ll need to see it. Shouldn’t be a problem on TNT, since they repeat everything 20 times.

IIRC, it wasn’t really supposed to wrap things up. They have at least 2 movies slated to be on TNT… the one they had on last night, and another one that I believe is supposed to be on next year (though I could be wrong on that)

I didn’t get a chance to watch it last night, so I can’t site specifics… but I did tape it, so probably by the weekend, I’ll be as frustrated as I was at the end of last season!!! :slight_smile:

Yes - it’s the follow-up to the cancelled NBC series. I thought it was supposed to be a wrap-up, but apparently there’s more to come.

Anyway, TNT devoted most of the day to showing all of the episodes leading up to the finale (starting at 11 AM).

My wife attempted to tape the entire day, but had technical difficulties while I was at work. Ah well…TNT is showing the regular episodes starting today.

Ok, FINALLY watched it at 1:00 this morning (yeah, I’m weird like that! :smiley: ) and all I can say is OMG. DZ42, you’re right about more questions than answers. I’d always suspected that Daddy Parker wasn’t Miss Parker’s real father, but I CERTAINLY didn’t expect it to possibly be the resident creep-meister. And does that mean that Major Charles isn’t Jarod’s dad, either? (That would be just too weird… Ethan would no longer be Jarod’s 1/2 brother… but MP would be Jarod’s 1/2 sister… )

For the movie itself, it wasn’t bad. The first 10 minutes of explanation almost put me to sleep (I understand the need to let those that HAVEN’T watched Pretender before now know what’s going on, but this was more than a little blah) And I did think that the whole “Surprise, more than one Pretender escaped” scenario was a little too convient. But when the movie started getting back into familiar territory - the Centre intrigues, the play between MP & Jarod… that’s what hooked me. And the ending… WHEW! I’m now anxiously awaiting the next movie. I really need to get to TNT’s website to see if I can find out when its supposed to be coming out.