The Pretender makes love!

Too bad it wasn’t with me! I thought it was about time he got a little nooky! I also liked the entire story line tonight; romance, adventure… gonna go write now (one handed) :wink:


ARGH! And I missed it. I had the rugrat over tonight and he’s grounded from TV, so I couldn’t watch.

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Oh Kat! I hope I didn’t spoil it for you! You will catch the re-run and now I’ve blown it. Damn! Again, sorry. I was just so happy for him. I mean, he’s like what, 35? Long time to wait. And he waited for a nice woman.


Hell, I would’ve dove into the TV for that woman. A perky redhead! Oh, baby…

Just a general question about the show: does Sidney want to recapture him or not? Sometimes he’s helping Ms. Parker, other times he gets call and/or clues from Jarod but doesn’t mention them to her.

And his twins research? He was a Nazi camp survivor, probably a Dr. Mengele subject, and then he grows up and works for the Centre? Sidney’s a little warped, I think.

Slight spoiler ahead
In the final scene, I half-expected Quantum-Leap blue lightning to surround Jarod and whisk him away. Dr. Beckett sure had it easy with his exits. :slight_smile:

What I want to know is why Andrea Parker uses her own name as the character name? The only other time you usually see an actor/actress do that is in a sitcom.

funneefarmer: What I want to know is why Andrea Parker uses her own name as the character name? The only other time you usually see an actor/actress do that is in a sitcom.


<font color="#FF00FF">[Andrea Parker on Ms. Parker]


So, it was just happenstance that the character and her had the same last name.

But comics/actors; I think they need help acting, so their characters have the same first name: Tim Allen (Taylor), Bob Newhart (Hartley), Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld). And then there’s Tony Danza (Banta/Micelli/Canetti/DiMeo). :slight_smile:

The Pretender makes love!

Do you think he faked his orgasm?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

AWB – I don’t think he really wants to get him back. He’s had too many chances to do it. Even Ms. Parker has let him go a few times.

Sealemon88 – Bwha ha ha! You funny! But since he pretends everything, maybe he’s pretending being a man too. Hell, if he is, I’ll still take him; any man who can pretend to be that fine is a keeper!

I know it’s weird but this is one of my favorite shows. I like that he really is a good guy and his ability to do anything makes for a “new” show every week.

There have been a few shows that were too silly, like his brother coming back from the dead only to die in that same episode (how soap opera), and some of the “spooky half references” that ended up never being explained. But overall, it’s in my top ten. Lest you find me a shallow idiot, NOVA is in my top ten too.

So, how many out here would love the ability to be a Pretender? Or the ability to “do” the Pretender? I’d say yes to both!

Thanks for the info. AWB

No, that’s fine. Now I have something to look forward to during rerun season. If I’d known in advance he was grounded from TV, I would’ve set up the VCR to record it, but I didn’t find out until I asked him if he wanted to watch TV. (On the other hand, it was rather impressive that he came right out and said he was grounded from TV.)

I laughed my a$$ off last night when ‘Mr Wiggles’ came into the room. I haven’t laughed that hard at a TV show in quite some time. Now if NBC could make their sitcoms that funny…