Miss Parker from The Pretender!

I just caught part of a new sitcom on ABC called Far From Perfect and the actress who played Miss Parker plays a supporting role in this series. She doesn’t have the whole dominatrix persona going for her and based on the little I saw I am predicting failure for this show, but she is still HOT!. She was the only reason I ever watched The Pretender. C’mon, I know I wasn’t the only one here who drooled over Miss Parker!
So has anyone else seen Far From Perfect ?

Yeah, I saw her on tonight’s show. She was good—funny.

I kinda liked the show. Eric Roberts looks like beef jerky, though. (Leathery face and too tan.)

I watched it last week and watched part of it this week. I won’t keep it on my list. It would be nice if the hero of the piece weren’t the butt of the fat jokes.

I was covering one of the events that ABC did for the new fall lineup a couple months ago (at Disneyland) and was standing about five feet away from her.

In person I didn’t even recognize her. I felt like such a doofus. She is hot, though. (But in person, Bonnie Hunt put every other woman in the fall lineup to shame.)

I haven’t seen the new show, but I agree she’s hot. She’s why I watched Pretender, frankly. I loved it when she would get pissed and threaten to disembowl someone or whatever in a really low voice. Whoo!

Those seeking an Andrea Parker fix who are at home in the mornings should note that TNT is back at the beginning of the series in their daily airings of ER, so the episodes in which she plays a pharmaceutical rep who is dating George Clooney’s character should be airing in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll go on record as loving her voice. She has a great voice. She’s not a bad looking lady, either. But I won’t stoop to watching that new sitcom just for her. A full hour of nothing but Andrea Parker reading the love sonnets of Shakespeare couldn’t obliterate the fact that the show also features Andy Dick. :shudder:

Thanks for the ER tip, tlw. I didn’t remember her doing that. And I have to agree with you about that Dick.