Pretty damn cool people, sorted by nationality.

Well, it occurs to me, that right now, the US has gone at it alone on a problematic war, and as a result, is pretty much universally disliked. Even I feel myself preparing snarky comments to use about other countries, as their names come up, and I was against the war from the start. For fuck’s sake, people are spouting out “fact” about how evil France is, while ignoring the fact that they were big supporters of our in the Revolutionary war, gave us the statue of Liberty, that Arc d’ Triumph looking thing in Brooklyn, and, u…. Lots of stuff. Mustard, maybe?

Anyway, I was just wondering about both fictional, and real examples of some pretty damn cool people, and what countries they come from. For example, the Avatar of Manliness, James Bond is an Englishman, land of fag* filled boarding schools, and Steak & Kidney pie.

Also, France has so freaking many famous fencing masters, and Germany has…… Um…. Well, they had a superhero, at least until an lifeforce-energy Vampire killed him. “Really, who ever heard of a German superhero?”, he said, just before he killed him. Heh.

*not quite the term you might think it is, fag refers to the use of younger children as unpaid servent to upperclassmen in those horrible schools. Part of the social system, or something.

P.S. Doctor Who was created by British people, played by citizens of Briton, and so on, but he is not British, in my book. He is an entirely alien being, from the planet Gallifrey.


Are you talking about the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch in Grand Army Plaza? That wasn’t from France. It was designed by John H. Duncan, who also designed Grant’s Tomb.



France isn’t such a bad place:
Arsine Lupin
Scarlet Pimpernel
Pierre Vidcoq
D’artanagne (Sp?)

[QUOTE=Scott Plaid]
Well, it occurs to me, that right now, the US has gone at it alone on a problematic war,


Not alone, no.


I’m not ignoring the actual question, jsut it’s too hot to think of cool enough people right now - back later! :slight_smile:


furryman, you keep on posting on-topic, excelent posts to threads of mine, which don’t really grant others inspiration. :smiley: I wounder why this is.

Celyn, thank you, too.


I have an old issue of Plop!, D.C. comic’s old humor comic, which had a story with O’Lantern. I always thought he was pretty cool. Something about the Blarney stone. Or maybe that was Will o’ the Wisps. :confused:

Also, while I thought he was a pretty horrible person, I was always impressed with how Philip Of Macedonia supposedly out-orated a famous greek speaker.

Also, I don’t hear much aboutHereward the Wake, a legendary English outlaw. (11 th century) :cool: name.

You forgot Aramis!
and of course:
Cyrano De Bergerac

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Margaret of Anjou were both pretty badass French girls. :wink:

From Wales, Owen Glendower;
From England, Christopher Marlowe and Lord Nelson;
From Russia, Rasputin.

My threads, sometimes, are what don’t really grant inspiration, that is, not you. I wonder if it is my bad grammar. :slight_smile:

Dr. Rieux, thank you, as well.

Owain Glyndwr!!!

(Guess who has the name that gets misspelt quite often :wink: )


Umm… mustard is English, the only spice we ever grew here so we’ll hang on to it please! And maybe James Bond is English but Sean Connery, the only real JB, is Scottish. Life is complicated.

I’ll give you three guesses how Saffron Waldon got its name :wink:

Damn it! I have been to England, too. However, I read a book that mentioned all the kinds of mustard avalible in France, I figured it came from there. Pretty lame OP, there. Sorry.

(BTW, although it may thrive here, mustard is about as English as the grey squirrel)

The Scarlet Pimpernel is Lord Percival Blakeney, Bart. A damn cool Englishman.

Not in the Shakespeare, it’s not! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’ll be Shakespeare, the consistent speller, or Shakespeare, the accurate Welsh historian? :slight_smile:

He’s **Sir ** Percival Blakeney, not **Lord ** Percival Blakeney. He’s a baronet, not a peer.

D’oh. I’m retarded.