Price is Right just gave away a restored Bentley!

That was the best PIR game ever. It was the putting game, where you arrange 6 grocery items in order of cheapest to most expensive, to get incrementally closer to the hole, then putt from whichever line you made it to.

I don’t remember the year but the vintage Bently was $35k plus change, and gorgeous.
The guy, an elementary school principal, made the first putt but hit it too hard and it bounced out but then! - Drew reveals he gets a 2nd try, which I’ve never seen before. And he makes the shot. This was even better than when they had the million dollar showcases.

It was a 1964 Bentley (I love my dvr).

Bob Barker used to always do the Hole-in-One “or Two” surprise.

I used to watch it with Barker but I don’t remember the “or Two”. I’m sure you’re right, I just forgot about it.