Priest Jogs In The Nude, Claims He Sweats Too Much To Wear Clothing.

I am not sure which part of this story is most humorous. The fact that he gave perspiration as the reason behind going jogging in the nude, or the fact that his last name is Whipkey.

I’m fat. I sweat a LOT when I work out. It would never occur to me to work out naked inside of my * own home* no less outside on a public track.

I’m equally curious about his past indiscretions, which are not detailed but are reported in a general way in the article.

The priest part is minor. ( pun intended ) The whole STORY is just amazing. The man has balls, I’ll say that.



When I saw this article my first reaction was, “If I were Catholic, I’d really have to start looking into choosing religions.” It just keeps getting better and better.

Nudist Priest, has a nice ring to it.

I swore to all that’s pasta that I’d never say this again…but it’s screaming for…

Band Name!

How would you know? Oh, right.

But seriously, you wouldn’t work out naked in your own home? I do. Cuts down on smelly laundry, plus gives me an incentive to work a little harder.

I can’t work out nude.

Some things hurt when they are not supported during exercise.

Especially for a guy who was Breakin’ The Law. And Livin’ After Midnight. Guess you could call him a Night Crawler. Wonder if he was Headin’ Out To The Highway?
Ok…I’ll stop…

Our father, who art naked,
Hallowed by thy wang,
Thy jiggling buns
Thighs will be rubbed
By pervs with film at eleven.
Give us this day, a gallon of brain bleach
For we have seen your “Klingons”
As you raced past us.
And lead us not into the locker room,
But cover yourself the fuck up,
For thine wang is something,
We never want to see again,
Forever and ever, Amen.

Perhaps he was just Hellbent for Leather?

Seriously? Nope. I don’t have any big hang-ups about being nude in private, but there are a few good reasons why I’d not do this.

  1. As Poysyn mentioned, Dopers of both flavors might wish for a bit 'o the ole support during vigorous work-outs. " No pain, no gain " doesn’t include torn pectorals or the odd inguinal hernia. :eek:

  2. The smelly laundry thing? Okay, I see the point but that is just WHY I would always wear clothing when working out. The sweat factor. My clothing can go into the laundry after a few days ( grin. Gross, right? I work out in the same clothing until fruit flies flutter in my proximity and drop dead out of the air. ) OTOH, my Elliptical Trainer is a pain in the ass to wipe down afterwards. As it is, the sweat flies. Better for my clothing to absorb most of my perspiratory essence. :smiley:

Tuckerfan, Sir Francis Bacon’s got nuttin’ on you.

Your turn of phrase simultaneously disturbs and amuses me.

We need to perform an exercisin’! Quick! Find me an old priest and a hung priest!

This where the father’s story falls apart. The no clothes sounds reasonable, but whther it’s a pair of dolphins or a jock, you need a little supoprt there. You’re not going to be any more comfortable jangling in the breeze.

I read this and thought-this guy has a screw loose! Public nudity-at 4:30 AM?? A light pair of shorts is all you need to be legal-perhaps the good father forgot to bring his?? WEird! :confused:

I find the dangling really doesn’t bother me, unless I’m jumping around a lot. And it’s kind of cool how my penis acts as a sweat collection point and it all drips off of there.

Oh, and you’re welcome. For the mental image, I mean. West coasters, have a good lunch!

Guess he forgot that up here in space, there is an Electric Eye, looking down on him…But he was **On The Run ** cause he is a **Devil’s Child ** now the community will be **Screaming For Vengeance ** and Some Heads Are Gonna Role all because he was Reckless and **All Fired Up ** now he might get Locked In

If you think I couldn’t keep going You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

You are.

<—laughing. That was some funny shit.


When running, they would act like consecration bells in the hand of a new altar boy, flailing back and forth at first with, and then opposite, the movement of the body. And we won’t even get into scrotal stress.

Runners: Gird those loins! Do this in memory of me.

Ooooh Band Name City !

Does ‘the power of christ’ compel you…? :smiley: