Prime Rib Question

A very good friend of mine got me hooked on prime rib when I was out to visit her in Colorado last year. I’ve been able to find a couple of restaurants locally who do it up right, and now I’d like to know how do I PROPERLY do up prime rib? What cut of beef do I need, seasonings, the like.

Muchly appreciated!

We do a rib roast at Christmas. It’s running at about $18 a pound here, but it’s worth it.

We get about a 6-8 pound rib roast, rub it with salt and pepper, stick a meat thermometer in and roast it at about 400 degrees for a half hour, then turn the temp down to about 325. It’s pretty basic, and hard to mess up unless you overcook it. The roast should be at room temperature before putting it in the oven.

We roast ours on a rack, over a pan to catch the juices.

They are popular at Christmas, but standard grocery stores may not carry them all year. You might want to call ahead.

Prime Rib = a prime-grade rib roast.

Be aware that it can be difficult to get prime beef from a supermarket, even if they are willing to special order it for you.

Lobel’s can ship you a prime rib roast, but it’s pretty pricey. I can really only justify the cost to myself around the holidays, when I’m feeling decadent.

You can make something that’s really good without buying prime beef, but you have to treat it right.

I like Lobel’s method but you can look for other recipes by searching for “prime rib” or “standing rib roast”

Alton Brown has a good method for dry aging your own rib roast at home - though I haven’t tried it myself. I’d be inclined to if I had a non-prime rib roast to prepare.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone!