Prime Rib

I got a very good deal on two 2 rib roasts (2-1/2 lbs each.) I plan to tie them together like they were one roast, cook them as if they were a 5-pounder, and check the temperature very early. (I don’t have a remote thermometer.)

Does this sound like a good idea?

Sounds good to me.

Cut the bones off first, and then tie them back on. This will make carving easier. Also, leave some meat on the bones when you cut them off.

I suggest a rub of olive oil, kosher salt, crushed or minced garlic, and rosemary. Preheat the oven to 500ºF and roast the meat for 25 minutes. Turn down the heat to 325º and cook for 15 minutes per pound. Check the thermometer a half hour before the time is up. You want the temperature to be about 115º to 120º when you remove it from the oven for rare. (I like rare meat.) When the internal temperature has been reached, remove the roast from the oven and cover it with foil and allow it to ‘rest’ for half an hour. It will continue to cook. For rare, you want the internal temperature to be 140º.

As for those ribs, you can wrap them in foil and return them to the oven until the meat is practically falling off. Slather them with BBQ sauce and enjoy.

Thanks. I’ve made prime rib before, I just wondered if tying them together sounded like an option. I’m going to use kisher salt, fresh ground pepper, and a bit of garlic powder on the outside. Shooting for medium rare - about 135° and then rest the meat, from what I’ve read.

You wouldn’t believe how many recipes are out there!

I’m gonna make a soup with the leftover bones. Mmm.

FTR, I am sure my calendar is free on the day that you are cooking prime rib. How about some love for a fellow feudee? :smiley:

C’mon over! Dinner is at 6:30 or so, today. Twice-baked potatoes, black eyed peas, and green salad. No dessert 'cuz we’ll be stuffed. :wink:

Sorry to have presumed. :o

I think you mean, “Fee Fie Fo Fummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

No biggie! I hope I didn’t sound smart-ass. I didn’t mean to.

You didn’t. :wink:

I haven’t cooked PR. Is it a good idea to turn it every hour or so? Or is that unnecessary?

I only ask that because I’ve only seen PR cooked on a rotisserie.

Unnecessary. It’s called “standing rib roast” because you stand it on its bones like a rack, and let the fat drip down and keep the meat moist (and tasty!)

Amen, my sister. We had ours tonight because my loving wife has been ill and said she would nor have enjoyed such a meal last night. We had 3 pounds to share, so that gave a few ounces of leftovers.

Johnny L.A., not sure why you would debone it first. A good knife run down the ribs after cooking works fine and then just slice the meat. I always find cutting cooked meat easier than working it raw. YMMV.

I guess my knives are sharper than yours. :wink:

When taking the bones off (and then tying them back on before roasting), you’re working with cold meat. I prefer to cut the bones off when the meat is cold, rather than when it’s ‘hot’. (140º isn’t that hot, but still…) I also find it less messy. With the bones pre-cut off, all I have to do is cut the strings and move the roast to the carving plate.

Dang it, thats what I get for taking a nap this afternoon. Missed the flight to Houston by a few minutes.

BTW…How did it turn out? I did have prime rib last night and it was delicious.

:confused: I thought that was the way you did it when you were after a giant (Frenched) Crown Roast of Beef, like this 18 rib one?

CMC fnord!

I wouldn’t. They are going to come apart anyway when you slice them, plus you will lose half of the good brown crust.

It came out great! I kept checking the temp about an hour in, and it was done at 1:45. I cut the bones almost all the way off, so it was just a little cut to take them off. I liked the inside part where it was medium rare. My husband liked the (over ;))done part on the outside.

crowmanyclouds - this is what I cooked, not a standing rib roast. (The bones weren’t frenched.)

Oh, dear lord, that is gorgeous.

I’ve been sick in bed for four days, and I think my appetite just came back.

That pic wasn’t mine! But mine tasted just as good, if not as pretty. :wink: