Prince Charles slapped with flower

Is this this the least offensive attack ever made on a world figure? I seem to recall a few years back someone rushed out of the crowd in Australia and fired a starting pistol at Prince Charles before being half-heartedly arrested by unimpressed security guards. The point? We’re still searching…

I just find the whole thing a bit surreal. Not that I wish anything worse on the Prince, and I guess if you can get an angry point made without hurting anyone, then cool… But something in me still screams: what kind of a society are we living in? IS THIS WHAT WE HAVE BECOME!!!

very unoffensive but out of sync with his views Charlie doesn’t want or like the afgan war and spoke out about it publicly when the bombs started falling. However he is a representitive of England and its an ally of the US.

What really pissed me off what that TV and the President of was it bulgaria said she was mentally ill . It somehow reminds me of the Simpsons where independant thought alarms are pressed whenever somebody makes an independant thought
and does not agree with the government.

Speak out and perish with your views society has become usually , or rather be ostracised .

It might have been a point about his personal philosophy. The fact that he’s a well-known plant-lover and ecologist in contrast to his views on a war against terrorism? A tenuous link, but it’s possible.

A flower? Ha! That’s no attack! The governor of my state had the “honor” of having a bucket of buffalo blood and offal thrown at him at a public hearing – a true goo-fest. Now that’s standing up for, uh, okay not what you believe in, but some policy held by the political entity you are associated with.

I’d have loved to have seen HRH snatch the flower away and give her a whap or two with it.

I havn’t laughed so hard in a week!

Imagine the thought process:
“How can I create world peace? I know! I’ll hit Prince Charles with a flower.”

Pacifist though I am, this certainly brings up some thoughts about how amazingly ineffective certain peace strategies are. Kind of reminds of when the hippies around here beat their bongo drums in the forest for world peace. What is that going to acheive?

The picture is great. The protester looks so calm, like slapping world figures with foilage is something she does on a regular basis. The Prince is indeed “flinching and appearing startled”. He looks slightly taken aback, but not enraged or anything. In fact, he looks exactly like one would look if a peace protestor hit you with a flower. Classic.

Slightly less funny today: she’s been charged with ‘endangering the life of a foreign dignitary’ which carries a penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment under Latvian law.

I’m sure that’ll really help Latvia get chummy with the EU.

The charge was downgraded from “assault with a deadly stamen”.

Sorry. I’ll be good now.

Petal Attraction ?

Well I hope that’s a lesson to her and she turns over a new leaf.

I understand Charles had a very pleasant evening afterwards, apparently the rose appreciated that the art of conversation includes being a good listener.

At least she didn’t use a pistil.

And his ‘security’ folks were unable to stop her.

just a thought

Its a conspiracy! The flower contained a bee that had a deadly mind control virus coated on it’s stinger, and now Prince Charles is under control of the Bad Guys! Mankind is DOOMED!!!


I like it. He was caught in a perfect “what the hell are you doing” look.

Oh, my God, I saw something about this in another forum, so I figured this girl came up to him with a huge bouquet and beat him up! Then I see Ross’s link with the picture ! oh God, I can’t believe it! I ma sorry but this is so stupid, it’s funny, they can’t possibly do anything to this girl! I hope…

Aaaaaaaah! Bad pun! Don’t do that.

my favourite part of it all was: " the prince was not injured."

snorts and mayhem! injured by a flower?

Should have used a dozen roses, each with very thick, twisted thorns, to slap Prince Charlie if she really wanted to do damage.

uuhh 2x4 maybe, or a sap, I don’t think -damage- was her intent.

Yeah, I really think she was “soft-petaling” it! :smiley: