Prince Edward Island

I took a bus trip from Toronto to P.E.I. and back. P.E.I. was nice enough (we just stayed there one day and night), but I think a couple of days would last me for a long time.

They also have that big bridge you drive over to get there.

In Charlottetown and Summerside you can find decent pubs with a lot of live Celtic music and good pub food. I’ve never been to or seen a nightclub in either city but have never gone looking for one either.

The bridge is fun to drive over especially if your vehicle is high enough to be able to see over the rail. The biggest plus to the bridge though is that you can get over in about ten minutes. With the ferries the wait could be an hour, could be three hours. Much more convenient this way.

I wasn’t their long enough to delve into the culture and get to know any locals but the landscape was ethereal. It reminded me exactly of illustrations from Olive Beaupre Miller’s Bookhouse Books which were a joy of my childhood.

I think it’s hilarious that the bridge is free to go to PEI. You have to pay to leave (and it isn’t cheap either…something like 40$!) But it is a very impressive bridge and fun to drive over, even in a short little Tercel.

I don’t know anything about the night life; as I said, sis was sick when I visited, so I pretty much cooked and cleaned for her!

That’s how they keep the population up. PEI is populated entirely from the descendants of tourists that could not afford to leave.

IIRC it was the same deal back when it was a ferry ride across as well.

Do they still have ferries that make the trip? If so, what is the cost like.

In SW Florida, they have a bridge like that. Or they did when I lived there. I think it was Sanibel or Captiva Island, it was free to go but you paid to get back.

My family took a three week holiday through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI with my parents’ best friends in the late 80s. My sister and I still talk about how awesome it was.

There’s a lot of bridges that only collect tolls in one direction. It cuts down on the overhead of having two sets of toll booths.

You can cross the Confederation Bridge or take the Northumberland Ferry going east (to PEI) for free. They both charge for people going west (from PEI). The bridge is $42.50 per car. The ferry is $68 per car.

Wait a minute, so the ferry is both slower and more expensive? Does Not Compute…

And it’s more out of the way (for most people). The bridge cost a lot to build but makes a lot of money from the transportation industry. I think the ferries are just that much more expensive to operate and don’t get the bigger trucks as much anymore because of the added time and inconvenience.

The ferry still has some nostalgic value for some people. Not me though.

Is the Irish Moss harvest still a big deal.

I have never used a ferry so I think I would and probably a lot of tourists would, but I wonder if the novelty would keep them sustained

On the ferry vs. bridge topic, I would take the ferry if I went there because I am terrified of long or high bridges (fear of heights + fear of drowning) and this sounds like a really long bridge. The extra 20 odd dollars would be worth it to not be scared sick.

That said, I want to go there sometime, it sounds quiet and peaceful and very pretty.

If you’re in a car, you really don’t have a view from the bridge–the guardrails are high and they’re solid concrete; and truth be told, it’s a pretty dull drive for a car. Because of the guardrails, there is really nothing you can see except the road. If you were in a big truck or a bus, you’d have a view though.

It’s worth noting that the bridge and the ferry connect to the mainland at different places–the bridge connects to Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick; while the ferry connects to Caribou, Nova Scotia. Thus, where you are coming from and going to may affect your choice of crossing. The $20 or so you save by taking the bridge may take you far out of your way, costing you in both time and gas money, if the ferry is handier for your route.

The Big Break is a golf-themed reality show/competition that tales place in locations around the world. It is usually sponsored by a resort or a destination that wants to be known as a golf-friendly location - the current show is in the Dominican Republic, and others have been in Disney World, Mesquite, NV, Sandals resort, etc. The show is a competition, but also serves as a weekly one hour commercial for the resort/destination.

The locations tend to be warm weather spots and the contestants tend to be good looking and the women wear skimpy golf outfits. PEI decided to pony up and sponsor the show one season. It was late fall and the place looked beautiful - lots of water and fall foliage, but it was so obviously bitterly cold that if anything golfers immediately crossed PEI off their list of possible destinations for a golf vacation. The contestants were bundled up in coats, hats, and huge mittens when they were not hitting shots. It was an utter disaster as a marketing attenpt for PEI.

Definitely a factor in some cases. If you were driving between Charlottestown and Halifax (which are the biggest cities in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia) you’d save about seventy miles by taking the ferry.

LM Montgomery’s cousin’s home, but the basis for Anne’s. I seem to recall trails you could take that went to places like Lover’s Lane… Nana took us there, and at the time was just before the bridge was finished (to tell you how long ago it was). I remember it as being quite lovely. My cousin worked for a summer as an interpreter there, playing Anne.

A very nice place, though I’d probably prefer to live in NS more than PEI.

We went camping there when I was a kid. The things I remember most are the ferry ride, the unexpectedly warm ocean swimming, and the red clay soil that dusted up and stuck to our car when it rained.

Plus it’s a cool name for a place–Prince Edward Island sounds like a location just north of Fantasyland at DisneyWorld.

It’s named for Prince Edward, Duke of Kent - one of George III’s sons, and father of Queen Victoria.