Tell Me About Prince Edward Island.

I’ve just received an invitation for my SO’s family reunion this summer on Prince Edward Island. I’m not sure of any specifics quite yet, but I was wondering a little bit about the local culture. She’s not been there in about 10 years, so she isn’t exactly equipped to answer all of my questions.

  • Just about the only fish I’ll eat is white-fleshed and fried, preferably in the company of [del]chips[/del] fries and malt vinegar. I know the lobster industry is huge there, and Erica’s spoken fondly of catching quahogs. Am I going to starve?

  • What’s the weather like in late summer?

  • What do I absolutely need to see while we’re there?

I’m shamelessly ignorant about the place where half her family is from, so I’d appreciate any guidance you can give me.


PEI: Flat. Scenic. Red soil. Lots of potatoes. Inexplicably-large numbers of Japanese tourists drawn to Anne of Green Gables’ house. A big bridge linking it to the mainland. No railways. Home of Confederation.

That’s all I know off hand… I want to go back some day.

I’m no expert.

Nice family place. Some good beaches and very beautiful golf courses. Lots of fried seafood and good lobsters. Local people friendly.

They kept Prohibition in effect until 1948, like Kansas.

You’ll have to find out for yourself whether there are any other similarities.

As I recall from my visit approx 12 years ago the weather is nice and warm. The best place to get ice cream is Cows.

Anne of Green Gables is a religion out there (I went to the play, a cousin played Anne one summer at Green Gables…). They make a lot of money off of Japanese tourists :slight_smile: Very pretty as I recall. The bridge was only half finished when I went.

must go to brackley beach and rainbow valley…full of really odd interesting tourist stuff with a funky kind of david lynch vibe. There is a full size replica of the Space shuttle made entirely of concrete, plus a very odd but interesting miniature natural history museum…and a multi-themed theme park that looks like a catch all for all the old carnival rides that got discarded.

the beaches are spectacular and, particularly in the north west fairly sparsely populated. The red sand on the beaches is quite strange, its like being on Mars.