Prince of Darkness gone kaput?


Lucas Electric made famously unreliable electrical components for British cars, hence the OP’s title.

Aw. A generation ends. Admittedly, a generation of excitement generally caused by ‘Why is my electrical harness on fire?’

Thought this was going to be an obit for Robert Novak.

Or Dick Cheney.

I guess Britons will stop drinking their beer warm now.

Old joke: Britons don’t drink their beer warm because they like it, the drink their beer warm because they use Lucas refrigerators

I may have to stock up on spares.

LSUK. Look! Truth in advertising!

And i thought this was going to be about Peter Mandelson …

Lucas Industries was purchased by the US Varity Corporation in 1996 and the various arms spun off so if this is anything that was a part of the original Lucas it must be a very small part.