Prince Philip has died

There’s no reason to think that the sealing of the will relates to anything in Prince Philip’s private life, or anything sensational about the terms of the will. Sealing of the will is routine for members of the royal family.

The royal family have gradually moved to be more like ordinary people though.

Keeping it routine means that wills that might be more controversial will also be secret, and keeps up the general idea that the royals are beyond the law. For both those reasons, the current main beneficiary of the not-public will is Andrew, but who knows in the future.

Doubt there’d be a secret bequest to a secret lovechild in a will - I mean, if there were one, and you were a royal, you’d just give them the money while you were alive. It’s not like a normal person where you’d be concerned about gift tax and everyday shit like that. And any child born outside marriage wouldn’t be eligible for any throne, so that doesn’t matter either.

She’s been Queen a long time, but not that long.

I think that the point is that our newspapers would be going through his will, line by line, and making inferences about who and what was in or out.

I have seen this in an ordinary family - not the newspapers, but family members who thought that they had been treated unfairly or speculating about why one child was less favourably treated than others.

:smiley: Just seems like it.

TBF that would mean the compound interest now would be immense.

British media are lodging a challenge to the sealing of the will; calling for the matter to be re-considered, with media reps being entitled to make submissions on the sealing order.

The press is getting more interested in the Royals income. I think it will be very intense when Charles inherits the queen’s estate.

It is now November 22, 2021, and Prince Philip is still dead.

Is Generalissimo Francisco Franco also still dead?

Si. Franco es muerto. A tip of the old fedora to Chevy Chase, who kept us posted on that.

British Judge has a vault with a stash of 33 royal wills: