I swear, I will never understand fashion trends.

I’m waiting for warriorprincesscore. Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi!

Depends on the princess, I suppose.

She never wore her socks
She had a pet snake
She bought a red guitar
And she ate a whole cake.
And there wasn’t anybody there to tell her what to do,
So she did what she wanted to.
Everybody knew the story of the princess who saved herself.

A trend “right now”? Sounds like someone is years (decades?) behind the latest Harajuku styles.

ETA: of course, anything old enough is legitimately brand new again. And there is plenty of room for variation, 18th-century princess hardly resembles 10th-century princess, for instance.

As for “cottagecore”, that is a deliberately provocative name, perhaps.

It’ll never happen – not if the Xenaphobes have anything to say about it, at least.

Beloved children’s author was once asked by a reporter to answer his five-year-old daughter’s question: “Why don’t you write books about princesses?”

His answer? “Democracy.”

Every time I see or hear of some princess nonsense, I think about how I love Willems even more now.

I really try hard not to judge based on clothing and appearance, but if you’re walking around town dressed like Miss Yvonne from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse I’m going to have trouble taking you seriously. Yes, even if you add a blazer and sneakers to the ensemble. Especially then.

Honestly, it sounds like adult women are taking fashion advice from young girls, who liked dressing like princesses so much that Disney turned it into a billion-dollar brand.

Keeping in mind these sort of fashions, in many ways, reflect gowns and dresses that women and girls most often wear at very special events and occasions. Proms, weddings, galas.

This seems more like, ‘This outfit just makes me feel more special! I like that, I’m wearing it!’

I can’t see reading more into it than that, to be honest.

I expect to see some social and cultural changes as a result of the pandemic and the social isolation. (Weren’t the Roaring Twenties a reaction to the end of WWI and the Spanish Flu pandemic?) Perhaps one change might be a revival of the sort of social event at which ball gowns would be appropriate dress?

Yeah, not sure these women want a return to ball gowns. But an office outfit with that special swishy feeling? That I can easy see.

The trends always lag. Gotta give them time to file off the serial numbers. Cottagecore seems like nothing so much as mori kei with more baking and gingham.

I have it from reliable teenage sources that goblincore is where it’s at now, anyway.

You sit there and think about what you did.

I am so behind that, as someone whose teenage fashion sense would best be described as “druidcore.”

Too late. My sister and I have been calling ourselves goblins for years.

But that’s mostly because we have very tender feet. That pebble flooring people are putting in their showers? Painful!

Yeah, I think this may be largely a confluence of two contributing streams:

  1. The previously established trend of little girls wearing frilly frocks and princess costumes for everyday, not just for dress-up and parties.

(Which is at least partly because with the proliferation of fast-fashion manufacturing and exotic “novelty” fabrics and accessories, even costumes and “party clothes” are so cheap they can just be worn to rags and constantly replaced. Not like the old days! I still remember the Super Special flower-girl dress (with sash!!) that I had for a cousin’s wedding, and can just imagine the horror and dismay that would have greeted any attempt on my part to wear it for ordinary occasions. We even changed out of our school clothes into play clothes after school to keep the school clothes nice, FFS.)

  1. A lot of women in post-lockdown are REALLY sick of not being able to go anyplace they can wear fun frilly party clothes, so by Og they’re at least gonna wear them to the office.

Whoa, a Princess and Curdie fandom reference! Don’t see much of that around these days AFAICT. One would not get that impression about goblin anatomy from, e.g., Middle-earth or Potterverse sources.

We’re OG goblins.

I have noticed an increase in puffy sleeves, at least on social media. Not sure it is catching on near where I live, though. My area is not exactly a fashion mecca.