Printer hookup question

I’m no computer nerd, but I am working toward it. Working with Win98. I moved my desk around and disconnected my printer. I have reconnected it and it works, but my computer keeps asking me to re-install it. I just click cancel each time. It should know it is installed and it is working. Whats up?

Have you rebooted since then?

Yes. The computer has been turned on and off several times. Not in any attempt to solve the problem, but in my usual use.

If you have the drivers then just let Windows reinstall it. You won’t lose anything. BTW, is the printer turned on when you get that message?

It probably got confused. It has a generic driver & a real driver for the printer & doesn’t know which one to use. So install a new driver, it only takes a few minutes. Plus, manf are coming out with new ones all the time, so a great chance to put in a new one. The old ones are probably in a directory called /inf