Private feedback on Ebay - huh!?!

I was looking at this item on Ebay and noticed that the seller had their feedback privatized. Obviously, I could just e-mail them and ask, but why would they do this? Private bidders I can understand.

Maybe it has to do with the volume of negative feedback they have received.

You know, they go along fine for a while and just as they are getting their scam going well, people start providing negative feedback for items not received or broken or not as described or something else.

Hiding your feedback lets your scam run for a few more weeks.

I personally avoid private feedback people like the plague.

They’ve only had 11 negatives. I am always suspicious of autographed material. Getting a COA is not a guarantee that the autographs are real. I knew a guy who ran a baseball card shop and he offered COA’s. If the players signed all the autographed stuff he had in his shop, they wouldn’t have had time to play the game. When word of this got out, he was out of business in less thatn six weeks.

Only 11? Out of 600 some? That seems pretty high to me - it’s all about percentages. I’ve bought from people with feedback in the thousands and no negs.
It’s not that their feedback is private, as you can see if you click on it, it is more like the comments are private. Maybe most of the comments say his stuff is fake - I almost always use the comments more than the numbers (esp. with high feedback people) to determine if someone is a good bet to deal with or not.

If people hide their feedback, I move on, they probably have something to hide from you, the bidder.

Disney sells items on Ebay and they have made thier feed back private also.

makes you wonder.