Private Jet Crash In S. Carolina

Travis Barker (from Blink-182) was critically injured, as well as DJ AM, when their plane ran off the runway. They are both in critical condition in a burn unit.

Details here.

I’m terrified at the thought that Perry Farrell might be among the dead.

Here’s hoping these guys pull through and make it out the other side.

According to a comment on tmz (which I never read, ever, honest!)


Thanks for that; it gives me a little peace.

I actually watched the VMAs this time around, and was amazed at Barker’s drumming. He reminds me quite a bit of Dave Navarro, to be honest. I really hope he’s okay. :frowning:

Thank God no FAMOUS people died - only nobodies. :mad:

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Thank God no FAMOUS people died - only nobodies. :mad:[/QUOT

Seconded! Man…

Sorry, what? That’s kinda insensitive, dontcha think?

I think that was the point.

Other reports mentioned that Chris Baker, Barker’s assistant who died in the crash, was married with a very young child. He was featured in Barker’s reality show, so some people might know of him.

Obviously no one in the media would have any information about the two pilots or the security person.

It does seem cynically focused on the famous people who didn’t die, but it would be the same if the famous people had been the ones to die, and the unknowns had escaped.


So did anybody else have the same non-PC thoughts that I had after reading the link and viewing the pictures?
I wonder what Travis Barker’s tats are going to look like with all that scar tissue? :eek:

I confess.

I wouldn’t wish death on anyone (well, not anyone who didn’t really do anything bad beyond recording really shitty music) but I wouldn’t mind if Gavin DeGraw lost his vocal cords in an accident. I can’t stand that guy. What was he even doing in the same article as Perry Farrell?


Yeah, I had the thought “It’s a shame about the damage to all that ink…”

Hope the survivors pull through, but burns are bad.

Wow, that sucks so bad for everone involved.

Thisstory says that DJ AM is worse off than Barker. They say more than 50% of his body is burned including his face, but that Barker is mostly burned from the waist down.

That stinks. I had just learned who Travis Barker was last week after stumbling across this link of him covering a Busta Rhymes song. I mean, I knew about Blink 182 but not much else about anyone in the band. (NSFW lyrics)

Man, he’s beating on that hi hat like it owes him money. Look for him to shatter his left stick at 2:37 then grab a replacement without missing a beat. Anyway, I hope he recovers OK and gets full mobility back.

Today’s Augusta Chronicle is reporting DJ AM’s burns aren’t to his face, but rather to his scalp and his arm.

I had no idea he’s had such such a tough go in life.

Word. Jesus Christ!

Yeah, first I heard of this story was a news report on T.V.
They were just about to go to commercial and mentioned the plane crash as a “tease” to keep viewers through the commercial break, “details to follow” kinda thing.

Paraphrased, they said: “Deaths in a plane crash in South Carolina including celebrities among the injured.”

I immediately changed the channel. Wasn’t until I opened this Thread that I learned the details. Really really low class.

If it was a minor crash that only resulted in a few injuries, and two celebrities were among the injured, and they “teased” the story with something like “When we return: two celebrities among the injured in a plane crash”, it still would have been tacky but I would concede that in a minor crash there would be human interest to be mined from the celebrity presence.

But mentioning that there were actual deaths as a lead up the the big story that celebrities were injured???

Low class.