Pat Robertson's plane crashed!!!

Robertson was not aboard.

Way to go to get our hopes up …

Obviously, this can only mean one thing: There is no God!

Before the snark gets too thick, note that both the pilots died.

Well, obviously the pilots are heathens and probably didn’t have their special protein shake that morning.

Which is apparantly sad because neither of them was Pat Robertson :dubious:.

No doubt Robby will see the fact that he wasn’t on the plane as a sign that God supports him, whereas his detractors will see the close call as warning to him that God does not.

I think this proves that even God doesn’t want Pat Robertson.

I can imagine the almighty doing a Maxwell Smart impression: “Missed it by that much.”

Impossible. God is omnipotent. It’s all part of God’s plan. We can’t know what was in God’s mind so we can’t judge. The pilots are in a better place.

Which leads me to wonder, if it’s a better place why doesn’t Robertson go there at the earliest opportunity?

I predict that this thread will have one of the highest views-to-posting ratio in all SDMB history.


This makes me very sad. Why would you raise our hopes like this and dash them so quickly?
CynicalGabe you are a cruel, cruel Op.


The majority of me really feels sympathetic for the pilots’ families losses, and feels genuinely sorry that the plane crashed and they died.

There’s still the small, unworthy part going “Aw, man, he wasn’t onboard?”

Or vice-versa.

Senator Jake Garn flew on the shuttle flight just ahead of Challenger. When someone told me that Challenger had been destroyed the first words out of my mouth were, “Damn, one flight too late.”

We need a God with a less sick sense of humor.

I’m just waiting for Robertson to come out and say that God intervened to keep him off that flight because his work on Earth isn’t done yet.

After all, there is still more money to be made, and more Jesus shakes to sell.

Maybe it ran into the 500 ft tall invisible Jesus that Pat talks to.

When you ride with the devil, don’t be surprised if you end up in hell.

As one of the most churchified people here, I’d like to say that I hate the “God is pulling all the puppet strings and personally causes plane crashes and famines” attitude that has misled so many people. It’s the church’s fault that people think this, because too many little-thinking churchy people espouse it.