Pat Robertson.. the new Nostradamus


Ok, if you say so.

Hm… God told you what?


And the quote that sums it all up:

(bolding all mine)
So, Pat… God told you this? Or, if I look at that quote by you, sometimes you miss.

Let people have their religious beliefs. Don’t bring the crystal ball into it while you hold out a hat.

yeah, my grandmother listens to this quackjob all the time. She’s always up in arms about the “end” being near. And he’s ALWAYS wrong. But he’s got a good escape. “God has decided to spare us, as we have prayed to him to make it so.” I’m totally suprised the commercials for his damn show aren’t selling several different varieties of snake oil.

I hate this man too much for words.

Why? Why does anyone listen to that nutbar anymore? How stupid can people be?

I wouldn’t pit Roberston for saying this, because this is what he is. Normally I can just ignore him.

On the other hand, I was very upset that my local “news channel” covered this as “news”.

I’m worried that someday, a religious person (not necessarily this one) will make a “prophesy” about terrorism, & then hire mercenaries to see to it coming true.

He should at least couch his prediction in Nostradamus-speak:

In the time before hister,
Nay Pon Nor Lay will lay down before a great oxen
Vast armies will nebble and knish
When the man with two faces will find his elbow
And lose a hole in the ground.

Yeah, says “tsunami” to me, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sun rose in the east this morning.
Rain continued to be wet.
Pat Robertson said something stupid after one of his retreats.

What’s the surprise again?

And Shibb, at least it wasn’t on the front page of your local newspaper this morning like it is in mine.

Pat who?

She is in good company: Poll: One in Four Says Jesus May Return in 2007.

It is very discouraging to realize at least 25% of the population is willfully, irredeemably ignorant.

Well, in all fairness the wording does say “may”. As in “Monkeys may fly out of my ass in 2007”. Hey, it’s possible!

Can you imagine what will happen when the world actually DOES end?

Pat Robinson: I thought you were praying for gawd to spare us!
Jerry Falwell: I thought you were praying for gawd to spare us!

(wah wah waaaahaahahaa)


Ah, yes, people who adhere to tenants of mainstream Christiananity (note that it says “may”, which merely implies a nonzero chance, as specified in the Bible itself) are “willfully ignorant.” I’m glad our freethinking, open-minded, non-discriminitory friend here was able to clear that up.

Christ, what is it with google ads these days?

If you look at the actual article, the “may” is a combination of “very likely” (11%) and “somewhat likely” (14%). So, people are saying that there is a good possibility, not just a non-zero chance.

If you bothered to read the article itself, you would know that the poll used the terms “very likely” and “somewhat likely” which is vastly different from the bible, which says Jesus will come like thief in the night, and no one can foretell his coming. Anyone who says it is likely that Jesus will return next year is not only ignorant, but a lousy Christian as well.

I pride myself on discriminating between ignorance and reason; it is a quality to aspire to.

I don’t get it; to an “evangelist” (as Robertson is supposed to be; a bearer of good news), the destruction of the world is a GOOD thing, because it ushers in the Millenium. So why isn’t this news received positively? Or, maybe, it is the Devil 9tempting us). In any case, why should God make his intentions known to an ass like Robertson? Or maybe god is playing a joke on us?

pssst… I’m already here :wink:

(don’t tell Pat though…)

Pat’s no Nostradamus. Nostradamus had the good sense to write vague, although shitty, poetry. Robertson makes dead-wrong predictions and sells protein shakes. He doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in such lofty company. He’s more akin to The Weekly World News.

Yeah, but could Nostradamus leg press 2,000 pounds?

Say… where’s my wallet?