Pat Robertson.. the new Nostradamus

Fair enough, I stand corrected. Although I believe that some of the 14% may be salvageable, as “somewhat likely” could be interpreted as “possible”, if the responders believed that “not very likely” meant doubt of the occurrance, ever. The paragraph saying

implies that even some atheists and agnostics viewed “somewhat likely” as meaning “non-zero probablility”.

This isn’t necessarily the beginning of the end times. Part of that scenario has something to do with Israel’s borders. He was very excited about that earlier in 2006.

This is just Pat telling us that God warned him that we’re going to be attacked by heathen Muslims sometime in the second half of this year. But don’t worry, Pat will pray it away if he future intelligence reports says it’s going to be in Virginia Beach.

No, he was too busy writing quatrains with his ass.

Well… if you are a christian, you have to think that Christ will return, and that it may be soon… It is after all, what he told his followers way back when.

IOW, if you are a christian and don’t believe he’s coming back… you got other issues to worry about.

What your not supposed to do is predict that the end is nigh, or that he is already back.

Hey, for what it’s worth he also spent a lot of time treating plague victims which is way more than Pat can say.

Mybe God is just sending Pat false information so that old ladies will stop listening to this nutjob.

I think it’s entirely likely that God did tell him this. It’s just that he lying. Think about it. If you were God, wouldn’t you?

St Peter: What the hell’s he doin’ now?
GOD: I told him to go turn the hurricaine back. I wanna see if I can mess up that hair.

The man hears voices and we are supposed to pay attention to him. Maybe lithium should be part od his daily regime.

The sad thing is that nothing he does or has done to him can hurt him whatsoever.

He’s already got the figurative setting up shop in the temple, and not too many people are up in arms over that.

If he dies of a heart attack… Whole 75+ country weeps and writes checks.
If he was assasanated by someone… same. But double the checks.
Caught in a sex scandal? “She was sent by Satan to spout lies against me!”

Stubs toe? "I meant to do that, you see, it is in God’s plan. Please make checks payable to. . . . "

Well, Moses heard voices in a burning bush, and alot of folks listened to him too.

One man’s madness is another man’s faith, I guess.

I predict that Robertson will solve the riddle of global warming thusly:

but I hear if you wear a monkey mask that he’ll leave you alone

Pat Robertson is yelling “fire” in a crowded country again.

And, way back when, he told his followers he was coming back ‘soon.’

This is obviously only true for very large values of ‘soon.’

Jesus said no one would know the day or the hour of his return. Of course, that’s never stopped anyone from claiming they did anyway.

This would all make sense except for the fact that Nostradamus is prominently featured in about two out of three issues of WWN. :slight_smile:

True, but they’re making up things Nostradamus said - and making him sound like Pat in the process.

Because Jesus is a negro.

according to who

Hmmm… He IS my homeboy…

c’mon, he had to be. he called everybody ‘brother,’ like gospel and couldn;t get a fair trial.*
*not mine, from here