PrivyQueen makes me cry

Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such hostile reply’s to any of my posts as PrivyQueen exposed me to…

Uh… I dunno who she is but MAAAAAAAN, apparently she don’t care for me too much. So as I plan on conitnuing to post on this site, I will now make a formal apology to all those whom hate me and my posts… I just want to be loved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywhooo, PrivyQueen… ta let you know, I’m not over weight… rather I’m a “fattie”… go here and read up to understand.
See if you can get yerself the Coveted Golden Doughnut of Enlightenment Award.


Mc[Ph|st]Y Cheesehead

“Software is like sex, it’s better when it’s free.” -Linus Torvalds on the software industry.

Listen fuckedupname Cheesehead, I dont know you, therefore I dont have any reason to like you or dislike you, same for privy queen…

Here is a thought though, either you two go find a nice ‘teen board’ somewhere, or grow up.

Nobody wants to describe you in 10 words either…read my fingers…we dont know you well enough to care!

you seem literate enough, smarten up , and you will fit right in.

PrivyQueen OTOH, when someone starts here, and all they do is piss all over the other posters, they get labeled a troll. Lurk, read, join in, in that order.

It works, we have lots of newbies who are totally pottie trained!

I’m not smiling at you…I have gas.

I’ve been reading smartass… dun’t know what the ‘h’ yer problem is but if I’ve somehow offended ya than hey, I apologize… Glad to see you lend a violent helping hand to those that are new…

I’m sorry… for now on I’ll only post algorithms to highly complex mathematical functions if that makes ya feel better… on the other hand, just take my apology and lay off a bit man. I was just trying to make simple somewhat entertaining posts for people to read and respond to… sorry if they’re not up to the standards that a web site called “Straight Dope” require…

Damn yer harsh…

Mc[Ph|st]Y Cheesehead

“Software is like sex, it’s better when it’s free.” -Linus Torvalds on the software industry.

listen here newbie, if you can read, you will undoubtedly notice the other posters behave…

So behave.

My invective was not even aimed so much at you as at the privy queen any way, so go back and re read my post.

As I said earlier, I dont know you well enbough to have ANY FEELINGS FOR YOU WHAT SO EVER!

But, I am getting to know you very quickly.

We once had a new poster whose name was “eye you way han” or something, a brilliant young man, with a promising future…we razzed him until he changed his name to something readable. He is now a popular and beloved regular.

If you care to continue this, might I suggest you open a thread in the pit describing what a rotten individual I am…the last newbie who did lasted only a few days.

You will either
a) learn the ropes and fit in,
b) you wont.

I’m not smiling at you…I have gas.

Looks like Kelli ain’t taking prisoners today.
I’m outta here.

A seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago.

Atta girl Kell, I love a lady with spunk. Kell, you want a position as welcoming wagon for all new posters?

Hey Shithead (I like to use first names, but yours is illegible so this’ll have to do) Kelli was quite cordial to you, and defended you against Queeny. So lay of and save the sanctimonious attitude because you don’t have the ammo to pull it off. There is no legitimate reason for you to continue opening threads to get people to notice you, and compensate for whatever emotional baggage you carry. Just read the posts, answer a question if you can, if not stick to MPSIMS. While here be funny, be witty, be droll, be totally boring and misinformed. Just don’t be an asshole, and don’t act like a infant screaming for attention. This is not your mothers message board, you are not entitled to use if for your own shallow means. Besides, your not too far along to not be able to develop a positve impression here, who knows you may have something to offer, but don’t let the stupid stuff overshadow everything else which it has already begun to do. Take a step back, heed Kelli’s words, and interact like a mature person and you will be treated with plenty of respect and listened to every time.

Kells-bells: SDMB pit bull.

A cute pitt bull, but a pit bull nonetheless.

Sic 'em, girl!

I have been exposed! Yes, I/ am PitBullDawg…
one last thing…we already have a cheeshead…so,why not give up, re-register, and we can start ovver…'kay?

Pit material if I ever saw it …

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