PRO-anorexia? Warning-may be triggering

Warning…for those of you suffering from eating disorders, especially if you’re still in recovery, you do NOT want to read this!

What the FUCK? Is this SICK or what?

I just checked out the Mirrored Games site. The author is 16, quitting school and is SOOOO happy! :rolleyes: This person is obviously on the fast track to success, being unnaturally thin and uneducated. Where are the parents here?

The other site doesn’t seem to offer up any personal info - just out to fuck up others’ lives I guess.

Well, sort of an explicit demonstration of why it’s a disorder, and not just a misguided mistake.

No shit.
I’ve seen these before-I just want to call this girl’s mother! Seriously, it makes me wanna cram cheeseburgers down her throat!

From this site, which I clicked on from the second one cited in the OP:

“Before you start surfing this site know that this site is not a facts site”

“Some Facts and Statistics”

The “facts and statistics” are basically unsubstantiated claims about health and size. Some of them were refuted in the BBQ Pit earlier this year.

Force-feeding would be about the only thing that would work, and that only short-term, and would probably backfire bigtime. But I sympathize with that urge. Under 300 calories on a “good” day. Lordy.

I read deeper into some of those sites, and feel simply sad and weary that any person can get twisted up into that sort of mental shape. I’m off to search for a different flavor of links–does anyone have some that point to how recovery typically works?

IANAPsychiatrist, but if I’m not mistaken, recovery typically requires that the victim admit that there is, in fact, a problem. This girl clearly sees nothing wrong with starving and cutting herself, so that might present a problem.

This has got to be a joke, right? One of the sites had sport vomiting and they go out of their way to say: “There is no irony here. The liberal and the cynical, beat it.”

I remember watching videos in health class about anorexia. Force-feeding doesn’t work; the person might purge when not being watched, or will exercise constantly, or will just refuse the food altogether. There is also a deep psychological issue, not just “wanting to be thin.” This isn’t just a problem that can be solved by feeding the victim three full meals every day. In the US (I think), the patient has the right to refuse any intravenous nutrition recommended by a doctor. There is a lot more to this disease than just getting the person to a normal weight. I think people need to recognise the mental issues that go along with the phsyical aspect - a lot of times it’s so much more than just wanting to be skinny.

I realize that-I was just being flippant. But seriously, these sites SCARE me more than anything else. It’s just too frightening.

Dr. Lao, that site maybe a joke, but there are others out there which most certainly aren’t. I don’t have any links to post (and have no desire to go surfing for any, either!), but I’ve seen several which are definately not jokes and have all kinds of hideously disgusting pictures showing women who are severely underweight. I nearly lost my second girlfriend to anorexia and bulemia, so this stuff really sets me on edge.

The whole “pro-ana” movement is getting a lot of attention lately. At Yahoo!, they are attempting to delete all of the pro-ana groups that have been formed there, much to the distress of the pro-ana community there.

Apparently, girls go to these clubs online to talk to other anaorexics, get encouragement from them, trade tips with each other, even hold competitions with each other to motivate themseleves to lose weight. Its disturbing.

This is one of the darker sides of the internet that truely scares me. Any person who dicided that they wanted to lose some weight, or who became anorexic could find all the resources they needed to be sucessful at it in less than an hour, and what is more, find people who will actually encourage what they is doing, and help them to hide it from people who are concerned for them.

The most chilling thing are the sites the proudly proclaim they are intentionally made to “trigger.” People are creating sites in order to intentionally send others into this disease.

It is wrong.

I can see why people would dissagree with others when the “disorder” has to do more with their parents and society than them. If you call it a disease when they are doing it because they are encouraged to then they wont listen to you. I can certainly see why people would kill themselves in their effort to be “normal”. For transgendered people psychologists almost require it.

My sister was anorexic. She was nearly a skeleton. My mother dragged her, kicking and screaming, to the Nothridge Hospital Psych program for anorexia. She was in it for about a year. Worked wonders.

She now is married and has 3 kids, and maintained her ‘normal’ body weight.

As the mother of a 14 year old girl whose brush with eating disorders led to a suicide attempt when she was 12, I am horrified by these pro-anorexia sites. Also frightened.

That is absolutely disgusting. Yeah, I believe in freedom of speech, but this is just dangerous.

This is just… spooky I had, in the strictest definition, an eating disorder, in which I would fast for up to three days at a time, two days on average, then eat pretty much what I wanted for a few days, then fast… I tell you, it doesn’t work! It may induce a temporary weight loss, but it feels horrible, and the weight’ll be gained back. If you wish to lose weight, do it the safe way, and make it a lifelong thing. Don’t just jog until you lose your goal; plan on jogging for the remainder of your life.

Sites like these just spook me to no extreme. In my day, I was pretty impressionable, and I know that there are those even more so than I was at the time. As said previously, this is free speech, but it’s dangerous.

On PBS last night there was a documentary about eating disorders. A few of the girls interviewed said they got the idea of how NOT to eat from watching movies about people with eating disorders–one I remember was from a movie about Karen Carpenter. They said this is one of the hardest diseases to treat with a high death rate.

What was interesting is that they had a dancer who hadn’t eaten any fat in years. She was put on a program and started eating healthy and actually lost weight. She was also stronger and could enjoy dancing more.

What terrified me was the girl who was sixteen and so psyched about quitting school and getting a job.
What terrified quite actually offended me was when she said she was 5/4 and her highest weight was 135. “How disgusting is THAT?” she asks. Guess what? I’m 5/3 and I’m probably about 130. So I’m disgusting?

It’s so scary, and I KNOW these people are suffering, but sometimes, I want to throttle them-very nasty and catty towards those who genuinely say, “Hey, eating disorders are brutal, not good.” Well, fuck you, you stupid fat bitch.

Yeah…uhh huuuhhh…they’re so deluded. I feel for them, but at the same time…they anger me. I want to shake them and say, “You’re NOT beautiful! You’re NOT in control! You need HELP!” Not mollycoddling.

I’m still looking for that post of yours with the links to the BBW sites where you said something like “Seriously, it makes me wanna wire her jaw shut!”

Oh wait…