Pro wrestling fans = latent homosexuals?

I’ve seen bits and pieces of professional wrestling matches on television over the years and have never quite understood the appeal. Of course, the violence alone is enough to attract young boys, who want to grow up to be big and strong like their wrestling idols. But why would an adult watch such an idiotic sport?

One night while channel surfing, I stumbled upon a match that featured an enormously obese wrestler, possibly a Samoan or Tongan, wearing only a thong. After some taunting, grandiose posturing, and other “macho” behavior, he finally grabbed his opponent, inserted his face between his buttocks (which were tanned and oiled, of course!), and wiggled his head around, simulating a “rim job”, or some other sexual act.

Are the adult men who watch wrestling obtaining some sort of sexual gratification from its homoerotic undertones? In doing so, are they attempting to conceal their true identity for fear of rejection from their peers, or are they just in denial about their sexuality? Or are wrestling fans not gay at all, just emotionally underdeveloped?

Well, folks, which is this? GD, MPSIMS, or BBQ Pit?

None of the above.