problem: blank page displayed

I use Firefox.

Earlier this afternoon, I got a blank page after attempting to display the second page of “Geekiest joke ever” in MPSIMS.

Except for a banner ad placeholder (it was Flash and I use Flashblock) and border lines around it, the page was completely white. I’ve seen pages load incompletely before the banner ads were brought in, but not like this. It was more like the “problem with the database” page, but with the banner ad instead of that message.

I used ctl-f5 a couple of times to reload the page, and got the same result.

I brought up IE and the page displayed okay.

I went back to Firefox and tried a reload again. The page now displayed okay.

There are a few older posts on that second page, so this is unrelated to the occasional problem where there are exactly 1 page of posts.

I know because the problem was temporary, there’s little that can be done about this specific incident. But I wanted to report it because it might happen to others.