Problem with images

Nope, didn’t work

I’m sure I did something wrong.

It did work.

I see it.

It is like when I tried to use Excel at work, and it kept deciding what I was about to do, and that goddam paperclip kept offering advice. Long before auto-correct, I was the one shouting at the computer, “Stop helping me!

Posting a flickr image “share” link on a line by itself works:


The problem with images is that they should not be allowed on SDMB.

Sorry for asking a silly question, but…

Can we or can we not post images? And if we can, are there simple instructions you could point me to, for that? (Pls not a 300+ post, tips and tricks thread!)

Can we post a link to a photo? And if we can, please direct me to where there might be instructions on how to do so.

A thousand thank yous, in advance, for your kindness!

The image has to on another site.

Just put the link (URL address) on a line by itself, and the image will show up.

Um…do you mean it first has to be on a photo storage site? By any chance?

Gonna try again,

Coronavirus in Ethiopia: ‘Incredible recovery of man aged over 100’

Yes, exactly.

On a line by itself:

Let me see what I can get.

Yup. it works.

Here’s another try.

This image is from AlJazeera.

I gave up on photo storage sites when photobucket went sideways.

Anyone have any suggestions which to use? ( I’d prefer not to pay, don’t really want storage, just a spot to upload to so I can post here!)


To show an image from my computer here, I used imgbb. This is the post.

The three pictures I’ve posted so far came from my Facebook albums.