Problem with Rerturn to caste wolfenstein

OK Hampsters ate my first post so this one will be a bit short.
I downloaded and installed return to castle wolfenstein fine. When I try to load it it starts up ok, plays the little movie thing. I get to the screen where you put in your name etc and it freezes. Totally, cant move the mouse, keyboard nothin’. Here are the mininmum system requirments, all of which I believe I meet
I. Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP OS (Windows NT 4.0 not recommended for clients)
  • 100% Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP compatible system (including all 32bit drivers)
  • Intel® Pentium® III 600Mhz processor or AMD equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 32 MB 100% fully OpenGL® compliant 3-D video card
  • Microsoft® Direct X® 8.1 or higher (not included)
  • 271 MB total disk space for game files
  • 500 MB free disk space for swap file
  • 100% Microsoft® Windows® compatible keyboard
  • 100% Microsoft® Windows® compatible mouse
  • 100% Microsoft® Windows® compatible sound card
  • For internet play, 100% Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP compatible 56.6k modem or better internet connection. 56.6k modem play is not recommended for games with more than 8 players total; broadband players should be able to handle up to 32 depending on their connection with the server on which they’re playing.

The following video cards were fully tested with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory:

GeForce 4 Ti 4600
GeForce 4 MX
GeForce 3
GeForce 2 Ultra
GeForce 2 MX
Radeon 8500/64
Radeon 7200/64
Radeon 9700 Pro/128
Xabre 400

I Have a presario 6000 with a pentium 4 and window’s xp. I am also able to play similar games like BF 1942 which i believe has almost the same system requirments. Anyone got any ideas?:confused:

Your first problem is that you downloaded it. Unless you bought and downloaded it from id software/activision, you’re a bad boy. Think twice before advertising to the world the fact that you have pirated software. If I’m wrong, please accept my humblest of apologies.

Nevertheless, I’ll give you one piece of advice in the form of a question. Did you install the latest patches?

That’s Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It’s a full version multiplayer game which is completely free. That’s right: free. The guys making the single-player version of the planned retail expansion pack missed their deadline, so id Software gave it to us, 'cause they know we wuv 'em!

(In fact, you should all try this game, 'cause I need more cannon fodder.)

However, your 6000 might have an integrated graphics solution–a video card on the motherboard, if you will. Please do this: go to your desktop, right click, click “Properties,” then select the tab called “Settings”, then click the “Advanced” button, and finally click the “Adapter” tab. If it says something like this:

Intel® 82845G/GL Graphics Controller

well, then, you’ve got a real problem. If, on the other hand, it says you’ve got an nVIDIA card, then that’s probably not the problem. It might however be a problem with the drivers.

You can find the latest nVIDIA drivers by going here:

But I remind you again that you must know what kind of graphics card (or chip) you have before you update the drivers. You could be really sorry if you execute the wrong file.

Another possibility is a borked download, a problem which I personally experienced. The file is an enormous 258 MB, and I suppose I got a bad packet in there. My solution was to uninstall the game, delete the executable, and start over by downloading it again. That did the trick.

But I recommend that you check on the card and the drivers first, because it’s quicker and because chances are you’ll improve your framerates in the game even if they’re not the problem (assuming you find the problem).

I got the first one:( guess that means there’s no hope of running the game eh?