Castle Wolfenstein enemy territory problem

Kinda weird problem with this, I downloaded it fine and the instalation went O.K, when I go to play the game it loads up, plays the little movie with the logo’s, shows the menu where you put seetings/name etc, and freezes. In the background you see clouds moving, but the keyboard and the mouse are both frozen their, I end up having to restart the computer. Any idea’s to what might cause this?

Sounds like a video issue. Check to see if you have the latest DirectX available, as well as your video card’s current updates. Also check their readme and see if there are video problems common with your card. You can also check for patches for the game. Hope this helps.

I don’t think its that. I’ve not had the right driver and other things like that before, it loads up fine, it just freezes, none of the keys on my keyboard work, not ctrl alt dlt or even the scroll lock, same with the mouse.

I understand what you’re saying, but until you haven’t tried it, you can’t discount it. Go get your video cards software updated, check your directx and check your readme for other problems pertaining to your hardware. If you do all of that and it still doesn’t work, then come back say so, then the search for other options can begin :slight_smile: