Problems connecting to Java irc

I am trying to connect to irc via, using their webchat client. (Firewall problems at work aren’t letting me connect via mIRC.)

Here is the connection error message I receive: connect

I checked to make sure my brower options were set to enable Java, so that shouldn’t be the problem. I also glanced through the undernet FAQs and didn’t find anything…

Any ideas on what this error message means, and on why I can’t connect?

IANAIRCJ (IRC junkie), but as far as I know if your firewall blocks the irc client, it’ll probably block the javascript version too. I could be wrong though.

That would explain the problem, yes. It’s weird, because I can use AIM and ICQ with no problems. Grrrr.

Same here. Everything except IRC usually works fine. You can chat with me, but I’m so bored today I’d put you to sleep in less time than it’ll take Woody Allen’s new movie to drop out of sight.