problems w/nicknames on checks?

I’m wondering whether anyone else has run into this problem with their bank.

I went to deposit a check yesterday and was informed that from now on, the name on the check had to match the name on my account (I’ve banked there for 2 years and have a good record). I’ve got an unusual first name and go by a nickname 99.99% of the time, so the check had my nickname on it. The nickname is clearly based on my official name—it’s not as though I was born Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and go by Gertrude.

Additionally, the check was an official one, not personal (it was a reimbursement check from work).

Wonder if they would’ve done the same thing to someone named Jennifer who had a check made out to Jenny. Any feedback/ideas?

This seems a bit extreme to me… there has to be some allowance made for variety of names… what if someone spells your name wrong? or has handwriting like mine, where I’s, A’s, U’s and others can look very similar (don’t ask)

Also, what if the account is in the name ‘Shadow Warrior’ and the cheque is made out to ‘Mr S Warrior’ Presumably this is also not allowed…

Did you say the magic words, “Can I talk to your boss?” It may just be a teller who didn’t know what he was doing.

There’s no legal reason why the name on the check has to match the name on the account. I routinely deposit checks made out to “Chuck,” even though I use “Charles” on the account. Hell, you can deposit a third-party check into your account, even if the name on the front isn’t yours.

If the bank insists on this, play hardball. Close your account and go elsewhere. Make it clear they’re losing you as a customer due to this policy.

Otherwise, there’s a simple workaround: Endorse the check with your nickname, then sign your legal name below it. That makes is a third-party check and they have to accept it.

This doesn’t answer the OP but it’s an amusing on topic story:

A friend of mine lost a contorversial bet to another friend. The winner was given a check for $5 made out to “Asshole.” He deposited it into his bank account with no problem.


I handle a lot of checks at my job, and have seen more than a few “signed nicknames.” We’ve never had a problem depositing any of them, so I’d agree that a friendly word with the bank manager would be in order.

[hijack]The only problem I’ve ever had cashing a check is when my alcohol-affected flatmate wrote me one in Welsh to cover a bet. They had fun with that one at the Oxford Barclays.[/hijack]

I have never had a problem depositing a check with “Joey” on it instead of “Joseph”.

I had to give my father a check once. They cashed it even though it was made out to “Daddy”. :slight_smile:

My real name’s Robert, but almost every check I’ve ever deposited has been made out to “Robby.” Never had a problem.


What if someone mispells your name-that means they can’t cash it?

Isn’t that a bit anal?

I go by my middle name, which is the name on my checking account. My paychecks are almost always under my first name. As long as I sign them with the same name that’s on them, I’ve not had any problems depositing them.