Problems With Netscape Messanger

I am running windows XP home edition and am using Netscape messanger as my main E-mail acountt. recently netscape messanger hasn’t been completly opening… in fact it hasn’t really been opening at all, what hapens is I double click the icon and it starts to open and load and it gets to 99% open and then comes up with the Netscape quality feedback agent to let netscape know of this problem. I need this email acount ASAP as I have important bussiness to onduct using it, any help would be greatly appreciated thanxs!:smack: :confused:

Dunno what the problem is, but maybe as a work-around try another browser, like MS IE.

Or Mozilla.

This isn’t a sure-fire fix, but it does work some of the time. Search your Program Files folder for *.snm. Delete any files you find with this suffix. Then try opening Communicator again.

These are the index files for your Messenger mailboxes. Sometimes one will get corrupted and crash the program. Deleting them causes Netscape to re-create them.

I don’t know if this works for versions later than 4.7x.

This may not be relevant, but I had a similar problem a few months ago. It turned out that my internet provider was no longer supporting Netscape. Have you checked with them?

AFAIK, e-mail clients do not need explicit support because the communication protocols (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP) are standard.


What kind of changes have you made to your system recently?

There haven’t been any changes to the system that I know about. I managed to switch over to MS outlook express and that seems to be working fine. My ISP still supports netscape. one thought I had on this is could it maybe be a computer virus?

It’s unlikely to be a virus. Netscape often does a good job of breaking down on its own.

Did you try the .snm files?

My Netscape email is totally down for incoming messages for me. I spent hours on the phone with the ISP today. They promised to have some engineers look at the problem & call me tomorrow.

Will deleting the .snm files affect any other programs on my system?

** Hawthorn**, looks like Google finds info. on the .snm:

Well, I’m standing by. Was told my problem is on the “main server,” so I’m assuming it’s my ISP, and not Netscape. But quien sabes? :confused: