Problems with Search or is it me?

A few days ago someone posted a GQ thread asking why we rub our eyes when we are tired. I remembered a thread a while back that covered the same thing. Thinking to be a helpful Dvl, I popped open the search box and tried

Getting nowhere, I mixed and matched some of the parameters to further limit the search but to no avail. Used to tired hamsters, I didn’t think it odd that the search never worked. But I tried every once in a while, at several different times and days from the afternoon to the middle of the night. Nothing. Not even when the rest of the board was moving along at a basic pace (i.e. not regularly timing out.) but still nothing. Just tried it again, and can’t get anywhere.

Is it me and a fluke of timing? Is something up with the search? Did I miss something in the FAQs or an alert?


I assume this is the current one:Why do we rub our eyes and stratch our heads when we’re tired? and this Why do children rub their eyes when they’re tired? from Nov 00 is the one you were after. I got it with sleep eyes, GQ, any date, entire posts. results as titles. Of course I did sacrifice a goat to OG first.

“children AND eyes”, GQ, titles only, found it. An ‘entire posts’ search for “children AND eyes AND sleep” didn’t find it, even though the thread contains these words. Yes, it seems that the hiccuping hamsters sometimes forget/forgot to completely update the search index: Search not working? Curious that such an old thread is affected, though.