(Product) Red and The Gap

So Bono and others got a bunch of companies and designers together to manufacture products. Part of the profit will go to fight AIDS in Africa.

American Express is giving 1% of your purchases (from the Red card only) to the cause. The Gap is giving 50% of it’s profit from each (Product) Red item sold. The items are being manufactured in Africa using primarily African-made fabrics.

The Forbes http://www.forbes.com/facesinthenews/2006/01/26/bono-davos-red-cx_cn_0126autofacescan02.html article seemed to make the Amex approach look less than optimal.

I’m leaning toward buying holiday gifts for some people from The Gap. I have limited charity dollars and limited gift dollars and I thought that would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. But would I be better off just giving a check instead?

Also…am I wrong to trust Bono’s organization over others? He seems to be very hands-on and I tend to think he’ll keep a watchful eye on the till. Any opinions?

The Gap is on my boycott list ever since I noted several days ago that they had somehow talked the estate of the late Audrey Hepburn into allowing her to become a posthumous shill for their pants.

I’m a bit upset with AmEx too, since they just mysteriously raised my rate without notifying me.

Bono. He’s such a self important twit. I suspect that he should get his face off of these crusades, and contribute or guide them quietly if he really has altruistic intentions. However, it seems that no one enjoys images of Bono pontificating more than Bono.