Products that shouldn't exist, but do.

I was looking around ebay, and saw this fashion item It would seem that if you were concerned about the “crassness” of drinking beer from a can, you’d get a glass, but instead you get a beercan coozie that has pink fake fur, beading, and other fashion atrocities. It’s even listed as a “Valentine’s Day Gift”, which is even more mind-boggling. I’m not a rocket scientist (or an expert on women) but I don’t think this would really go over well with the ladies (or guys) on Valentines day.

Anyone else have stories of improbable products?

I got my wife one of these last Valentine’s Day.


I have a Lone Star Beer promotional giveaway thingamajig that snaps onto the top of a beer can to make it look like a long-neck bottle.

Re: the OP…

A beercan coozie? Not a “cosy”.

Pink. Covered with fur. Hmm.

[sub]I can’t believe I just posted that.[/sub]

OhFace has the one I bought for her now. I swear it’s THE best gift for Valentine’s Day next to a huge engagement ring.
No OhFace, I’m not getting you an engagement ring.

Although part of me, as the owner of two Aussies who shed profusely, finds products from this site intriguing, I’m not absolutely certain they need to exist…

Panty roses (link not entirely safe for work).

Well, maybe a panty rose is okay…but not if you picked it up at the gas station on the way home.

I would love to get a Shit Bitch bear along with some AssFace towels for Valentine’s Day, the unholy miserable marketing ploy by Hallmark that it is.

Damn, I need to start selling those scarves I make (although I do use regular old yarn) and make a tidy profit.


Nope. Not a cosy, a coozie. A floozie coozie. Yes I have one. It’s purple with white feathers around the base and lots of purple dangly beads around the top. You don’t want feathers around the top 'cause they’ll stick to your lipstick.

It was a gift, but I luuuuurve it. Perfect for Mardi Gras!

I feel compelled to point out that the noble beer cosy isn’t just a fashion accessory for the vain. It also helps to keep the beer cold. I’m sure many female beer quaffers would be delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift!

Poo Pets. He he he. Stool Pigeon. He he he. Toad Stool. Hee hee.

Campbell’s has a Tomato Noodle soup. Imagine those slimy noodles combined with that vile liquid sliding down your throat. :eek: Round my house it’s “that which must never be named”

I could have lived quite happily without knowing that clam-flavored tomato juice exists.

When I was a kid, that used to be my favourite drink. Really. It’s quite good if you’re into seafood’n stuff.

My nominations:

USB-powered []negative ion air purifier.

USB-powered little drumming Santa. (in Japanese)

USB-powered Christmas tree. (in Japanese)

USB-powered Cup warmer.

Ah, crap, let met try the air purifier once more:

Don’t knock it till you try it. I do not like clams. I will not eat clams. I love Clamato. Clam juice is way down on the ingredient list, there is not a lot in a typical bottle. It gives the juice a slightly salty taste without the sodium. And it makes an excellent marinade for flank steak or London broil. And it makes killer Bloody Marys.

I don’t need much encouragement to provide a link to these.

Also, friend of mine used to collect bottle openers. One of his collection was a combination bottle opener and shoe horn. Anyone who has ever worked up a thirst putting their shoes on will know what a boon that invention is.

Clamato is pretty good. They even sell it in the supermarket here. I have bought it a couple of times and will probably buy some the next time that I go. If you like Bloody Mary type flavor, then you would probably like it. It is a little different but it certainly isn’t a true novelty item. I hear that Canadians love it.