Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box: a non-company affiliated plug

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is the upcoming sequel to the Nintendo DS game Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It’s basically a series of brainteasers and puzzles (definitely not skipping over old classics) with a light wraparound story. It’s coming out in August, and I’m plugging it right now to drum up interest here on the SDMB.

I have no financial stake in its success; I’m taking up its cause because I loved the first so much. It was the cause of one of the biggest game benders I’ve had in years. Hell, one of the reasons bandied about why it took so long for the sequel to be translated is because Nintendo wasn’t finished milking the sales of the first yet, even over a year after release (see: TV ads featuring Lisa Kudrow). I want the other games in the series to come to the States too (two others have been released in Japan so far), so I’m doing what I can to help see that happens.

So puzzle loving DS owners, take heed.

I played the first one and loved it. Can’t wait for the new one. I know there are three already in Japan, but we are a bit behind here in the US.

Did you figure out the secret before the game revealed it? I did. :slight_smile:

Both the big one and the more minor one, IIRC. :slight_smile:

They saved the real puzzles for actual game play!

This is the only reason my wife has a DS. She played the first one non-stop and surely will play the second one non-stop as well.

I liked it but the puzzles were very common to anyone who has ever done a puzzle book. Not easy mind you, but common.

The first one was a blast. I hope they can keep up with the quality level of the puzzles.
This wil be my next purchase followed by the next Zelda DS game later this year.