Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Anyone else play this one?

I just finished it yesterday. I rather enjoyed it. I found the variety of locations and the story to be really interesting. I like Professor Layton enough that I could watch a little movie with him and his sidekick.

Good puzzles, though a feel felt rather lame. I loved the hamster puzzle and he was actually rather useful once I got him back into shape.

I was not too keen on the tea puzzle, where you have to find the right tea for various people. It should have provided a list of who wanted tea and who you have already served. What do you get for solving all 26 tea drinkers?

Anyway, a great game and I can’t wait for the sequel, though I imagine it will be another 2 years to translate that one(Japan has 4 by now I think).

Loved Mysterious Village, loving this one.

My patience for hand-held systems is low. So I only play them when I’m traveling for work.

I spent last week in Atlanta. Got a fair bit into the Diabolical Box.

I like it a lot. Of course, liking the Professor Layton games really entails liking three things:

  1. Enjoying the setting and characters (which I do)
  2. Enjoying some clever puzzles (which I do)
  3. Tolerating some truly awful block-moving puzzles (which I hate, hate, hate.)


After you beat the game, you get three extra bonus puzzles if you’ve solved all the tea drinkers.
And, yes, great game. The bonus puzzles are hella hard though.

I don’t think this thread is zombie yet, just a little dusty.

I just bought Diabolical Box earlier this week, and just started playing it today. I’ve just arrived in Dropstone. So far, I’m loving the game; it has the fun story, the cute and interesting puzzles, and it is a great looking game for the tiny DS screen.

There has only been one puzzle I’ve truly hated. Not because I couldn’t get the answer (I could pretty easily), but because I didn’t know how they wanted it to be answered:The clouds puzzle, #12, in which you need to input the ratio of blue “sky” areas on a picture to white “cloud areas.” The way that I was figuring it out, I basically parsed it as having 12 “sky” and 8 “cloud” parts. So I do the reasonable math thing taught to me in elementary school: I simplified it from 12:8 to 3:2. But that’s not how they wanted it. Because you can match up the same shape white/blue from various segments, it’s saying there are exactly 6 blue squares created from the picture, and 4 white. 6:4. Same answer as mine, and a few quick lines of code could have easily checked for them being the same, but I failed on the puzzle one time, then had to resort to Gamefaqs after 10 minutes of staring at what I knew was the right answer, just because it had to be displayed a certain way. Lame.