Professor that got POTUS 2016 prediction election correct says the *GOP* will impeach Trump!

Weird, but interesting prediction by Professor that actually got 2016 election prediction correct. He say the GOP will impeach Trump if he gets in their way
It’s odd to consider but it’s a crazy season. If he upsets the GOP apple cart too much who can say what the GOP reaction will be?

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They’d pretty much have to, assuming an impeachment at all. The Dems no longer have the votes to order pizza, much less impeach a President of the other party.

Republicans just rode into DC on Trump’s coattails. They’ll kiss his ass until it looks like a losing strategy, but even then they’ll recognize that impeaching one of their own is shooting themselves in the foot. Not gonna happen.

“Donald Trump will never get elected POTUS. The American people are smarter than that.”

And yet here we are.

Right now, lots of stuff that lots of people thought would never happen is happening. I’m just sayin’.

True. But I think this past year has been sobering for establishment Republicans. They’re going to think long and hard before crossing Trump and his horde of fans. Besides, party unity over all other considerations is something the Republican party has been known for lately.

With half a brain and some political insight you could probably predict any given presidential election and get it right 8 out of 10 times.

So, for any given guy/gal to get them right a handful of times in a row might be a bit uncommon but not OMG the dude/dudette is Nostrodamus!

So, that ability/record is not exactly OMG worthy.

Then let’s translate that to predicting impeachments. First, not the same thing. Second, a rare assed event.



Maybe but with Trump as POTUS rare assededness is the flavor of the day. If he will not fall in line and listen to the voice of big business which effectively controls the US and funds most of the GOP political landscape what are their other options?

Trump’s “horde of fans”, according to pollsters, are less than 40% of the Republicans. The other 60% voted against Hillary, no matter who, and said they were dissatisfied with Trump.

If it’s really Pence they want in there, I suppose the donald’s treading on thin ice. If he minds his p’s and q’s and plays ball, they may let him slide, if only to keep the rubes happy. If he bucks them in any way (like closing the gubmint job/lobbyist revolving door), he’s toast.

People such as Trump do not follow rules [laws] and could care less!

So seems to me just a matter of time before he insists on doing something he can’t legally do - all of his staff telling him he can’t do that - then he goes ahead and does it anyway.

I assure you those Republicans, who publicly came out against him during the election, first tried calling or meeting with him to talk some sense into him - which he did not listen to.

He basically told McCain to go fly a kite! MCCAIN! You just can’t treat your party big shots like that and expect to not have trouble. Rather you need to work along with these people and “compromise”.

Anyway get out your popcorn bowl and stay tuned!

I would actually not be the least surprised to see Trump impeached and removed from office even by a Republican Congress.

Lots of Republicans in Congress detest him, and he’s likely to continue to fight with members of his own party when they don’t give him his way.

As reckless as he is, he may do something so egregious and unpopular it becomes impossible to ignore. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to imagine a faction of Republicans plus Democrats being able to bring articles of impeachment and convict.

I think that most Republicans in Congress would greatly prefer Mike Pence as President as being easier to work with. Democrats might too.

I think the Republicans almost assuredly will as well. But they might not be able to convict him unless he’s done something truly egregious. I think the Democrats would greatly prefer Trump as president to Pence, and so Trump would have to do something way out of line to get enough Democrats lined up to convict. Not to say that he won’t, but I have a feeling that Trump will be far more of an enemy to Republicans who think they now control Congress and the Presidency, when in order to get real control of the Presidency they will have to remove Trump.

Another factor to consider is that after 2018, it may not matter what Republicans think. I suspect that after two years of Trump and a Republican Congress, Congress will flip so hard to try to contain the damage that you’ll feel the shock wave all the way to the west coast. I think you’ll see Democratic militancy instead of apathy. Though it’s not clear that even Republicans will be able to stomach Trump for two years.

What coattails? The GOP already controlled Congress!

Exactly. I’ve predicted the last 5 elections correctly. That’s not really an amazing feat.

The big threat to the Country is not Trump - it is Pence.

Why the Hell did Trump suddenly go “Really Republican” and pick this guy?

I suspect it was to avoid a floor fight at the convention - the “Never Trump” faction was bought off by the VP pick.
Pence could never (?) be elected, but the Freedom Caucus would love to have him as Prez.

So: Have Dipshit name him VP, remove Dipshit, and Presto! “President Pence”.
Even Cruz would be ecstatic.

So: we have a situation in which it falls to the Dems to “protect” “GOP” Trump from the GOP.
I wonder if that gives them the ability to protect ACA?