Program the new gay network!

It looks like, at long last, there’s going to be a gay cable channel. These are very exciting times. But I’m having trouble imagining what the network will be like. And so, I turn to you, O Dopers, to help visualize some of the programming.

It’d be great to see a drama based on a gay character dealing with his/her sexuality, from realization to coming out and beyond, in the context of society’s current mixed attitudes towards gays.

I’d also like to see a good show devoted to gay politics, an interview/news format. Seems pretty inevitable, really.

It’d also be interesting to see a show, kind of like Biography, devoted to coming-out stories.

Maybe even the live version of Dykes to Watch Out For. Seems perfectly suited to TV.

One thing I’d really like to see is the gay version of Trading Spaces. The mind reels at simply imagining the possibilities. And the train wrecks would be amazing…

So, what comes to mind? How would you fill up a prime-time gay TV schedule? Or wait… daytime schedule, too… gay soap operas! Who’ll be the gay Oprah? What do you think?

Isn’t Rosie O’Donnell gay? She could do it (but I wonder how much of her current audience would follow her).

Well, there’s 10 years worth of “The Hollywood Squares” with Paul Lynde in the center square.

Gay softcore porn. Late at night. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen gay softcore, but I have. It’s pretty tame. (Probably deserves its own thread; I’ve been thinking about starting one to that effect for some time.)

I’m not joking - PrideVision in Canada shows it, and it’s a premium cable channel. Some friends of mine lent me a tape of it. Very interesting stuff if you’re used to (and maybe sick of) hardcore.

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I used to review films at Gay Film Festivals…there are thousands and thousands of small Gay and Lesbian films that have not seen the light of day since their brief fame at these festivals. Granted, quite a few of them were beyond horrible…but there were also a lot of gems that unfortunately never really went anywhere.

Other than that,
I think a gay verison of Will and Grace would be really cool.

Well ive got to say its about time …i dreamed one day there would be a show like QAF and it has come true but there still needs to be more OUT there… I just get tired of seeing men and women kiss… i want to see more things that i see in my everyday gay life… I’ll be tuning in at S H O’s new queer block of tv programing they have my over whelming support … :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

I can’t help myself…

Will this gay network have gay childrens’ shows? And if so, will they carry Teletubbies?

(Actually, a talk show hosted by Tinky Winky himself would be more interesting.)

6:00 Maguyver
7:00 Maguyver
8:00 Maguyver
9:00 Maguyver
10:00 News
11:00 Maguyver
12:00 Maguyver
1:00 Maguyver
2:00 Maguyver
3:00 Maguyver
4:00 Maguyver

What, has HGTV gone off the air?