Programming a SONY LG10 DRO for Lathe...

So, here I am at work and want to program the DRO for some parts, I have like 5 Tools I want to Zero out, so I don’t have to mess with the numbers after the first part.

It has the ability to program 9 tools, but It will erase what was already there on Program Tool 1 if I try to program Tool 2, it will use Tool 2 as the Zero for both Tools. :mad:

I’m working with +/- .001 tolerances on a manual machine and when I have to change tools I have to reset the DRO to the new tool. It gets annoying after a while.

Anyone know how to program more than one set of numbers in it?

Or, does someone have a the PDF they can send me?

I cant find a Manual anywhere.
No GOOGLE FU today…
The SONY manual site is broke.

No Hurry, just makes work easier and quicker.
(This not a CNC so I can’t use some abstract Zero someplace off in the distance.)
(The 5 tools are Face, Turn, Bore, Chamfer and Partoff.)