Project: Greenlight 8/3

Man, is that Efram a prick or what. I couldn’t believe he wanted to fire that sound tech just because he thought the gave him “attitude” in response to a question. I felt that sound guy, I really did. Imagine having worked on forty feature films and then having some contest winner with no experience come in and start acting like he’s Martin Scorcese.

It’s amazing how anytime Efram is acting like a dick it’s always because the other guy had “energy.” Efram has the “energy” problem. What a jerk.

On the other hand, I like watching Shia LaBouf. He was good in Holes and he’s got a lot of talent. It was brutal watching him try to nail that last scene. I know from my days as a musician how hard it can be to nail a performance when you’re tired and your brain is cottage cheese.

It was funny how he was trying to play himself as a pimp when it came to his kissing scene too.

lol, Shia cracked me up talking about and to Amy. “No, have another piece [of gum]. You had beans and salsa.”

I also liked when he was talking to Kyle and Efram: “You say there are no major changes when six lines don’t make sense anymore. How does that work?”

I never saw the first series, or the movie, but started watching this season about a month ago. I must say I’ve become a big Chris Moore fan.

I don’t think Kyle and Efram are getting much help out of the series. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but I can’t imagine a studio seeing any of the episodes these season and saying “yeah, I wanna work with those guys.”

Will HBO show the movie at the end of the series? And is that part of the reason that last season’s film made like 100 grand?

That’s redundant. Liking Chris Moore makes it obvious that you didn’t watch the first series. He was an asshole.

Same as the last one. I think they do this intentionally…makes for better drama.

No. It’s released theatrically first.

I don’t get all this Efram hating. That sound guy made my fricking blood boil and I would have axed him too. Even his apology started off with “Look I know you guys haven’t done alot of feature films…” Fuck you dude. They could have done ALOT worse than Efram and Kyle. I hear people taking them to task on being passive aggressive but I don’t know anyone in that business who isn’t. Power on the set has to be grabbed if it has yet to be earned. I’ve been on alot of movie sets and Efram and Kyle seem like angels relative to many others.

Oh and Chris Moore is a bit condescending, Mr. I’ve Been There and Back, but he is a fine producer.

To clarify, one of my favorite Chris Moore moments was when the boys threatened to walk over the Jane Kazmarek (sp?) issue:

“Well, I hate to be a prick, but we can find another director if you feel that strongly.”

That guy don’t take shit from nobody. Love it.