Project Runway 9/24


Thank goodness. And is Nina coming back? Because NotNina needs a large boot shoved down her throat.

I can’t wait for Michael to come back. I’m not feeling any of the guest judges. I read on Tom and Lorenzo’s blog that maybe part of the reason for the erratic judging is because we have people who are in and out, not people there for the long hall–other than Heidi.

And I abhor Not Nina. Ugh. These people are trying hard to be memorable but no one will replace the Duchess!

Exactly. I thought that was weird, too (and even posted it above :slight_smile: ).

I dunno. I haven’t loved the guest judges, but on the other hand, it keeps it from being too incestuous and the winner being a foregone conclusion.

I definitely thought Epperson should have won this challenge. Nicholas’ dress was good, but he’s a fucking annoying little twerp. And i really didn’t like Christopher’s at all. My wife and i both gasped when it became clear that he was in the top three, rather than the bottom.

I was hoping that Louise would get sent home. I’m no fashion expert, but nothing about that dress said “film noir” to me at all. I thought for a moment that Ra’mon might have been saved by his risk-taking, but it was not to be. I understand the criticisms the judges made of Gordanna’s dress, but i thought it was pretty amazing.

Where the hell are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia? I just don’t like PR as much without them, especially Michael. And the woman from Marie Claire who replaces Nina is pretty annoying, IMO.

They’re so harsh on Gordana. I feel like there are consistently worse people than her. Her stuff is wearable…but is that bad? I don’t know, I just feel like I never look at her and think bottom three! That’s why I’m not in fashion.

I was surprised at how far Sweet P got because I thought she was lacking in technical skills. Not so Gordana. That flapper dress was impeccable, and the details were very exacting. She does great work, much better than Sweet P, even if you think she’s “just a seamstress,” which I don’t. I think she has trouble knowing what the judges want, not because she’s an idiot, but because they’re consistently unclear, and she keeps guessing wrong.

But that doesn’t fully explain all her problems. Shirin’s outfit IMO was just as literally costumey as Gordana’s, but the execution was worse. Her model looks like a tacky can-can dancer, not a saloon girl, but she gets a pass. WTF? I don’t get it.

Some people get passes and some people they really have it in for. Santino made some real boners in season 2 (LEDER HOSEN LINGERIE?!) and they kept him because ultimately they liked him and he made for really good TV. Gordana they seem to really have it in for. I don’t get it but there it is.

I second that WHOA!?

Poor harassed Louise finally let go of a sob as she exited the runway, and Ra’mon took it well. I think her dress was the wrong color/shade for Fatma, and she like Gordana did not fully create a character.

But what about SHirin? I thought her paper creation in the previous challenge needed harsh treatment, and she hasn’t yet hit the bottom three.

I’m looking forward to more catfights from Putvinsky, who will he needle next?

I was really sad to see Ra’mon go, I had a bit of a temper tantrum about it actually. I think it was just local pride and thinking he was a nice person rather than actually liking his designs, though. I still have Christopher, whose designs I do like, including this week’s. I thought it was really beautiful.

I also like Epperson’s designs quite a lot and think he’s really talented but he’s not very good TV. He’s not sassy or mean or funny, which I can respect but still be bored by. Maybe he’ll open up a little more later on. I certainly wouldn’t begrudge him a win because I think that he is one of the best designers.

On a related note, I’ve been out to a bar all of twice in the last month and saw Katherine Gerdes from season 3 both times. Weird

I don’t think they got nailed for making a costume, per se; they got nailed for making costumes that were supposed to be straight-up styles from the period, but were the wrong silhouette and proportion for the period in question. The classic flapper dress has a loose, blousy fairly low cut top with a dropped waist and a straight fringed short skirt–the fringe on the skirt ought to clear the knee by an inch or so. What Gordana gave us was a fairly high-cut slip dress with a knee-length fringed skirt. What Louise gave us was…well, it was neither 20’s nor 40’s nor anything in between, and the black overlay was so thick from all the seams in it that she totally lost the lovely gold color underneath which is a damn shame because that gold would be a great color on Fatma.

That being said, I would imagine there wasn’t a huge difference in scores between Gordana and Louise’s flapper dress, the saloon girl dress, and the sexy assassin costumes. Any of those five could have easily been in the bottom three with Ra’mon’s lizard outfit.