Project Runway March 25 2010 (w/ models)

First post, spoiler space. Second post, WTF?

I have to admit that Emilio’s came out better on the runway than I thought it would, but I sort of understand why Anthony (sob!) got sent home. He didn’t really innovate, he stuck with the same silhouette pretty much the whole time.

I still think the producers have too much influence on the judging, though; it’s not as obvious as it was last season, but it’s still pretty freaking obvious.

The big WTF came from the Models show, though - Valeria stays (stupid idea, I think) and Jonathan jumps models, leaving Cerri twisting in the wind??? Dude, I like you, but that was COLD.

Mila has to be some kind of plant because I do not get how she is still there. When she’s not colorblocking she sucks hard. Her model couldn’t even walk in that hideous piece.

Seth Aaron’s model looks like she could be the ringmaster for Barnum & Bailey’s Circus. Just awful.

I am always marveling at what Emilio is capable of doing and generally think his designs are the ones I’d be most likely to wear. I loved Anthony, but I can see why they sent him home. :frowning:

I know! Cerri has become my current TV crush–she’s so pretty and I love her accent and she seems very cool and grounded. And now she’s gone. :frowning:

I’m going to miss Anthony. Didn’t love his dress or the extreme mini bolero thing he had going on but I do think he’s got a lot of talent. I can see why he went instead of Jonathan though. Jonathan’s wasn’t great but it had a lot more construction than Anthony’s…also I think Jonathan might have been able to pull it off if his print hadn’t been so drab.

And Emilio wins even though he stole his print from Stephen Sprouse? Lovely. I have to admit I liked the silhouette of the dress but the jacket looked like a black potato sack to me.

I didn’t mind Mila’s dress but it would have worked a lot better if she had stolen a kick pleat from Jonathan. Maya’s was a big meh and once again, I really liked Seth Aaron’s but than I’ve always liked Vivienne Westwood’s designs.

The Project Runway blogs have been hinting about something coming up with Maya. I wonder if next week’s preview means the show is finally going to explain the mystery surrounding her.

I didn’t see what the judges saw. Maybe in the stills.

Emilio didn’t deserve the win. The dress was ok, but the print was awful. It didn’t evoke “graffiti,” with that color & that font, it reminded me of pre-teen mallrat clothes in the 80s. Even on the bias, it was a horrible print.

I like Seth Aaron’s style, but it’s more than a bit repetitive. And Vivienne Westwood-y.

And while Anthony’s was not good (another mallrat from the 80s fashion - this time, the prom collection) at least his model could walk and the print could have looked nice in an entirely different dress. Mila missed the challenge on every single front.

I thought Kors was incredibly harsh, cruel and bitchy to jonathan. BUt no tears from him, in fact no tears have flowed at all this season, a hardened bunch they are I guess.

Mila’s dress, ew!
Emilio’s meh
SA’s I likee
Maya ~interesting but top heavy, and why is she so quiet and it’s about time for some designer drama
Jay’s~ hardly got a glimpse of it before they rushed him off stage. Guess he’s the golden child

The guest judge was one of the best last night, very productive criticsms i thought.

Tim Gunn also has ill words towards The Duchess.

Tim says:

Imagine my incredulity when the judges descended upon him like velociraptors, using words like “appalling” and “catastrophe” and terms like “a disco straitjacket.” Was that really necessary? I was proud of Jonathan for pushing back at them and standing his ground.Velociraptors!

I have been trying to find out more about the digital fabric printing and those computers they used. The computers are easy enough to find at HP’s site, but I was gobsmacked to see them using what looked like normal, non-electric paintbrushes on screen. My Wacom Intuos tablet is no longer looking so snazzy. :frowning:

Took some digging, but there are a handful of digital fabric printers out there. This PDFat from last year lists four consumer-friendly printers and the costs are nowhere near as bad I was fearing - about $18-24 per yard (42" wide") or about ten bucks for a quliter’s fat quarter. AFAIK, the company used last night produces 60" wide fabric.

Yeah. When Tim was like “All I see is Seth Aaron, Emelio Sosa.” I was like, really? Cause all I see is Louis Vuitton.

Seriously. I don’t know why Emilio wasn’t called out on that.

Glad I’m not the only one who was confused by the judges decision. I don’t know much about fashion, but I was surprised that Emilio won. The dress looked really wearable, but I definitely thought that both Seth Aaron and Maya’s prints were better looking and better incorporated. Plus, I hated that jacket. It looked bunched up and ugly. I’m surprised that Mila wasn’t aufed. That dress was a disaster and the print wasn’t stylish at all. Too bad they got rid of Anthony, I cracked up when he was talking about Jonathon and how white he was.

I’m glad Valeria stayed. She has doll-like proportions, but I think that type of look helps soften Seth Aaron’s style.

I thought that most of the outfits were damned hideous.

I was really sad Cerri left. She and Brandise are my two favorites. I thought for sure they’d both be safe because Jonathan and Mila were in. But Jonathan apparently dumped her? Aww.

I didn’t really get the ire at the judges. Disco straitjacket is kind of mean, but isn’t it par for the course from Michael Kors? And it was a hideous, hideous outfit.

I don’t get Brandise or Lorena as models. Neither are pretty at all to me, not even in the “hmmm, interesting” way. Cerri, on the other hand, is beautiful.

Does Emelio’s lisp/speech impediment/whatever bug anyone else?

Yeah, it does. I always start to wonder if I’m hearing, too. Because he’ll start out saying it and then go back to sounding kind of normal and it drives me up the wall.

I don’t think models are always traditionally pretty–sometimes they’re more interesting looking. I guess if you’re tall and thin, you can get away with not being pretty pretty. I do think Brandise is pretty, though maybe I’m biased because I’m a follower of hers on twitter and she’s tweeted at me. I kind of feel like she’s one of the ones I know. Cerri, too. I was really sad to see her go.

Ditto on all counts. :sigh:

omigosh, From here on out I will always think of Kors as “The Duchess” , so visualiscious, thanks gotpasswords!

So Anthony and his standup routine went home, he was cute, and I liked the way SA interacted with him, teasing and flirty.

I think BP will be without a female this year, unless Mila comes back strong.

I would love to hear what the judges say about the designs when they walk through the workroom afterhours, they do that don’t they?

I have to say, to me, Heidi has lost some of her shine, too quick with the mob mentality against the designers. And I don’t see her and TIm palling around as much holding hands like they used to. I also wonder if the production is finally making big money yet? Must be with all those damn commercials.