Projected low of 42 C - keep warm, western Dopers!

Currently - 30 C in Saskatchewan, with a projected low of -42 C overnight.

Huddle up, stay warm, and stay off the roads unless travel is absolutely necessary.

-42C is in that weird zone where it’s almost the same as F (it’s only off by 1.6 F. -40 is -40 in both). Do be careful folks, that’s awfully damn cold! I’ve only experienced wind chill that cold, and I thought I’d die of frozen.

Don’t even know what the wind chill is likely to be. It’s fortunately very still at the moment, but it wouldn’t take much wind at -31 to trigger some serious windchill.

Perhaps a passing mod will edit your title to move this thread from Sudan to Saskatchewan? :slight_smile:

A low of -42C sounds very uncomfortable, as does a low of 42C, for that matter. Please take care!

Currently -37 C. Windchill of -52 C.

Only made it to -37/-50 here. I’m a little disappointed, though still not going to open the door.

-50 with the windchill. I think I’m going to die!

Went to hear Rah Rah at the Exchange last night. Aside from breaking off the plastic seat adjuster lever on the car :mad: no problems.

My wife loved it though. the whole time we were there, she kept pulling out her phone and showing me the temperature.

She just turned to me and said, “ah, it didn’t hit -40 last night – only -38.”

I said, “try a different website” but she said she already did.

Not nearly that cold in Iowa, but our high temp on Monday is predicted to set a record for the lowest high temp ever. Minus 6 or thereabouts.

I think they all, including the OP missed your (very well-taken) point. Whoosh!!!

Hey OP: +42C is like +108F. Whatever else happens in Saskatchewan tomorrow, I predict a temp of over +40C/100F will trigger massive floods and many conversions to new religions made up on the spot.

Definitely picked the right week to head to Florida!

Man, did you ever. It’s only -27ºC (-38 with windchill) here. Groan. They’ve been telling me for the last three years that my 2005 Corolla has a dead battery, but it keeps starting the car just fine - I’m afraid that it’s truly going to give up one of these bitterly cold days and strand me somewhere. I’ll be sure not to go somewhere in it that I can’t stay warm while I wait for CAA. Or I could go crazy and just put a new battery in the damned car. :slight_smile:

Woo - hoo! It got up to -25 today!

It’s sunk back to -30, of course.

How were they?

:: stark unnatural heat wave hits Saskatchewan ::
“I have seen it! The gods have spoken to me, and this is the proof! By the force of this holy…”
:: looks frantically around, picks up discarded paper cup ::
“… Tim Hortons cup, I pledge it to thee! RRRRoll up the RRRim and be saved!!!”

“By the Power of Bread-Doh…! You…Have… the Sour!!!”

It’s currently -26C here, with wind chill taking it down to -31C.

I walked a few blocks to the corner store earlier this evening, and it wasn’t too bad. Of course, I was dressed warmly, and I was moving; but it was doable.

It’s so damn cold that I’m heading out of here on Monday–north to Pinehouse Lake. The locals assure me that mosquitoes won’t be a problem. Will definitely have my survival kit with me.

I have an aunt and uncle who just got back from a trip to Panama tonight. Not the luckiest timing on their part.