Prolific Dopers

I’ve been a member for about eight months, and this is only my 49th post. I’ve noticed that there are some people here whose SDMB posts number in the four and five digits. How do some of you find the time to read through all these threads and post so often?

I don’t even come close to reading them all. I skim titles and probably read ~10% of the threads in GQ, ATMB, here and MPSIMS, in that order. I rarely even peek into the other forums.

Some threads I will follow for awhile.

Bear in mind that the more prolific dopers aren’t reading all 7 (or whatever) pages of every thread every time they post, because they have been involved in the thread all the way.

Like Ringo - I skip totally over some threads (sport-related ones, for example). Others I will look at once and not return to.

Ah, and you just happened to catch this thread on a rare peek into IMHO!

I doubt that I even read even 10% of the threads on this board; 5% is probably a more realistic estimate.

Sequential Thead Titles…

Prolific Dopers followed by

**Most Prolific Posters ** here

Sorry, I’m addicted to post count threads. :o

Everything’s just gone pear shaped.
What the hell just happened?

Oh. I get it. I got it into my head that this was the similarly themed thread in MPSIMS.
I too probably read about 1 to 2 percent of the threads. The vast majority are dull or not relevant.

Most of my posts come from are discussions of my favorite show(s) with other geeks. Some of them are more like a chat than a thread.


3+ hours/day reading the board (on a day when I don’t have much time).

Fast typer.

Fast reader.

Been posting for over 3 years.

Do the math:)