Prometric or Amateurmetric?

What’s with these folk? Last month I registered with them to take an SQL Server exam at my freindly neighborhood testing center. I received a confirmation #, and an e-mail. I studied hard, planning, as usual, for my knowledge, retention and attitude to peak at exam time. I took the afternoon off to take my exam and showed up at the testing center at the appointed time only to be told, “Oh, Our server has been down for over a week now. Sorry.” I managed to reschedule for the next day at another center. I passed, but was a little irritated at the waste of time. Then, yesterday, as I sat down to take my Network Infrastructure Admin. exam, I noticed that the screen with the terms & conditions was in Spanish. Now I registered for this by phone, and was never even asked if I’d like to be tested in a language other than the one I was using with the person on the phone. The staff at the test center called HQ to try to get the correct test sent, but it was somehow beyond them. So I got to blow another afternoon and make a long drive this morning to the dimly lit testing center at the edge of the universe. They did offer to reimburse me for mileage for wasting a full workday for me… :rolleyes:

Wow! That sux! I hope they manage to get things straightened out,and that your future tests are smoother. Good luck.

I used them once and I agree with the OP. I tried to schedule my CCNA at the testing center in my city, but was told they hadn’t updated their testing software to the newest CCNA test. I have to drive to a different location … 80 miles away. Yippee. When I finally did take it and pass, they forgot to send the results to Cisco like they were supposed to. Morons.

Yeah, Prometric blows. I’ve had loads of trouble trying to get tests scheduled, trying to take tests, trying to get results in. It’s a pain in the ass. However, the don’t seem to be charging for the new Citrix exam, so I can’t complain too much, I guess.