Promising New Webcomic!

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Still rather new, but the artist is suitably unhinged.
Worth bookmarking, if only to see where he takes it. :slight_smile:

PS–please comment, or at least bump.
I wanna do this guy a good turn. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hmm. I read through the May comics, and I can’t say I share your enthusiasm. Kinda dull, IMO.

To each their own! At least I can help you out by bumping the thread. :smiley:

Definitely looks interesting.

Xxxenophile poseable action figure… heh.

Truely nice artwork. I wonder how long it takes to draw one strip. I read 'em all and the scripting is a bit hit and miss but I 'spose you can say the same about anybodys comics (mine inc). I think my favourite was this one -

I want an “Ask me about my evil plan!” coffee mug.

Heh. I like. That goes in with the rest of my webtoon bookmarks.

This one is my favorite.