Promo materials to make at home? (t-shirts and more)

Hey all,

So I became the new head mod of a website I’ve been a part of for a long time, and the major thing I’ve done is to resurrect the fic exchange. HUGELY popular. I want to do something this time that they never used to do in previous years, which is to give actual prizes to the winners (not just “yay, you won.”)

So the first thing that
occurred to me was t-shirts with the site’s art/logo on them. ThAT, I know I could turn out. But then I wondered if there were other things that are reasonably cheap and easy to do.

So I’m here, looking from ideas from all the wonderful smart people! :slight_smile:

Mugs? Tote bags? Neural implants? What?

You used to be able to get blank mouse pads upon which you could iron an image that you’d printed on an ink jet printer.

Good idea, but I wonder how many people would still use that now.

Check out Cafepress. They have bulk prices or you can send people to their page.

Not bad prices and they often have sales at

They do have an amazing variety of stuff. (Custom photo infant bodysuits… I don’t think we need that one. :wink: Some of them clearly would be cheaper to do at home (t-shirts, for instance.) But I don’t think you can make something like a dishwasher safe mug at home…

I especially liked the iphone case. :slight_smile: (Why isn’t there ever a Samsung case???)

I’m not even going to try to edit that post, so let’s just put this link in another one…

YOu will never believe how many things can be customized. O.o

I couldn’t help thinking of the Hello Kitty wedding, for some weird reason.

You know, I think that what I really want to do is a different kind of question. So what I’m going to do is to start that in IMHO. What kind of customized thing would people actually really like to get?

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Are we supposed to know what that is?