We're THE BEST Message Board On The Internet, So WHY.....

… can’t we have some more t-shirts, rackenfracken and dagnabbit!!!:slight_smile:

I myself would order 5, because I like to keep a neat one to fly with!

Do I/we need to front you a little money? I’d be GLAD to do that.

Come on, pleeeeez?

No kiddin’. Y’all need to consider this, okay?



Since the server with the Straight Dope Store on it suffered a catastrophic failure a while back, we’ve discussed some sort of option a couple of times but never come up with anything that actually made it into reality. Having an online store can be an expensive proposition, both in maintaining stock and fulfilling orders. (Yes, we know about Cafe Press, etc.)

It may happen at some point in the future but it’s not happening right now, sorry.

This is the thing about SD ops that puzzles me.

You don’t run stuff (e.g., servers) yourself. There are companies that do it all.

So the SD doesn’t run their own store server. You put up a storefront on Amazon and they take care of most to all of it. (You can ship the t-shirts and mugs to them and they will even take care of distribution if you want.)

Lots of companies/people, big and small, do this. Why not the SD?

The Powers That Be here seem to have an aversion to doing things the way millions of others do it.

I’d definitely buy SD t-shirts and mugs. Put me down for two each please.

Yeah, this needs to happen. There are so many resources available that wouldn’t put much of a cost burden on management. I like ftg’s suggestion above.

Make it so, Number 1.

I wouldn’t mind another T-shirt.

I often wonder how surreal it would be to come across someone wearing an SDMB t-shirt, and then I think…oh, never mind.

I, too, would be supportive.

Ok, so you know about CafePress, which requires little set up, no up front cost, and has none of the issues you mentioned. Have a design contest here, and then set up a CafePress store. It’s like free money.

I’d buy anything at all SDMB related. You could get rich* off the likes of me.

(* for a particularly pathetic value of “rich.”)

You guys are thinking small. We need more SDMB-specific products.

An authentic 1920’s-style SMDB death ray gun.

A glass-sided slug farm.

The SMDB cookbook of things nobody ever put on top of things before.

A Team SMDB jacket with two left arms.

A certificate for ownership of 20 minutes in the sixties.

The complete expansion of 0.99999999999999999999999999999999999~

A teacher’s pet.


The broad side of Ed Zotti.

I was thinking it was Giraffe Boards.

I dont drink coffee and dont wear advertising on my body. Well, other than tat’s.

On a funny pit thread, Bryan Ekers came up with the slogan “Random Collection of International Wise Guys”. I believe I would order one of those shirts also. I also believe that Bryan expects royalty compensation.

That’s it! SDMB tattoos! Can’t object to that!

My t-shirt submission: “I Pit All of You”

“Vote Twixter”

SMDB:The Best Site!


That’s good, but I’d still go with ‘my post is my cite!’ as a good tag line for a tee shirt. :wink:

You forgot the real, working plane on a treadmill…

Personally, that would be the most indicative and quintessential tag line for a tee shirt or mug. I’d buy one of those (perhaps with some extra question marks and a few exclamation points put in for good measure). And the best part is that a lot of people wouldn’t get the joke. :stuck_out_tongue:



As I remember, the last time this came up others volunteered to do the heavy lifting but it died on the vine because of a refusal to allow the use of the SDMB “logo” by TPTB.

I know I’ve asked this before, and was told “no”, but what if I wanted to design my own t-shirt with a completely different font?

Shirley the words can be used, as they’re used in every day slang?

“Gimme the Straight Dope, Dude!”


One man bands, mom and pop places and 15-year-old wannabees seem to do quite well with online stores. Are you telling me the world’s most intelligent human being cannot come up with an online store concept that legions of his followers wouldn’t subscribe to show their affection for wild debate, forthright answers to the toughest questions around, generously lathered with acerbic wit, occasional twits, and haute couture jackboots and riding croups that envy the world?

If this is true, then Ceil needs to relinquish his shingle.

Using it in that way, and in a different font, wouldn’t raise any red flags wrt copyright infringement, intellectual property, etc…

Of course no one would want the shirt either…

And don’t call me Shirley :wink: