Pronounce the surname of DUNE author Frank Herbert

I’d always assumed it was just Herbert, as in Herbert Hoover, but tonight I heard it pronounced with more of a French pronunciation- not quite hehr-BEAR but more to rhyme with arbor.

Does anybody know how Frank pronounced it?

Here’s an interview with Brian Herbert (pretty sure he’s his son) who talks about Frank Herbert. I think it sounds like Herbert Hoover, but the t is subtle.

If he was Cajun, it would be A-Bear, otherwise Herbert, like Hoover.

“Throat Warbler Mangrove”

No, there’s only one “r” in the french/cajun Hebert.

Um… like it’s spelled?


Once at an SF con I saw a special-for-fans trailer about David Lynch’s upcoming Dune movie. It opened with Herbert himself clapping the clapboard, saying, “Frank Herbert, Dune!” He pronounced “Herbert” the usual way.

Well, you taught me something today. I googled former Saints QB Bobby Hebert just to check, and you’re right. Ignorance fought.

Um, what is the point of this post? Colbert isn’t pronounced like it is spelled, along with countless other names and words.

Good enough for me, thanks. Somebody on an interview show was just trying to be pretentious.:stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, it IS Brian Herbert. If he thought he could wring more money out of Dad’s memory by pronouncing it Air-bair, he would. He’s retconned everything else Frank ever wrote…

Yes, this is probably a non-sequitur but I have an obligation to get a two-minute hate in whenever Herbert fils is mentioned. Bonus points if I can include Kevin J. Hackerson.

I was at a writer’s workshop with Frank Herbert. It was always Herbert as in Hoover. There wasn’t a hint of any other pronunciation. It would have been talked about endlessly if there were.

That sounds cool; what can you tell us about it, and/or about Herbert in particular?

I probably got that wrong, but that’s how I remember it. :slight_smile:

It’s not ‘urb-urt’?

Okay, then let me revise :

Like it’s spelled.

There, no humorous snark.